College Football 25 release date and early access details, along with special events and game features.

College Football 25's early access has been an overwhelming success so far with tens of thousands of players playing the game. Bringing different game modes, and the nostalgia of College Football back, EA has a hit on its hands. However, the game is yet to release officially and that's when the floodgates will open. Here's what we know about College Football 25's release date and time.

When does College Football 25 come out?

College Football 25 will release on July 19, 2024. The game will not be available on the Xbox Game Pass although you can try it out at EA Play for a measly fee of $5.99. Several players already bought into the Early access which was available through the Deluxe Edition of the game. The Deluxe Edition was available for $69.99 and included Early access as one of its perks.

College Football 25 Release

Which platforms will College Football 25 be available?

College Football 25 is available on multiple platforms - this means that players on different platforms can experience and enjoy the game. Unfortunately, the game is not yet out on PC. However, PC players can expect the game to be out by 2025.

Here are all the platforms where College Football 25 will be available post-launch.

  • PlayStation 5.
  • Xbox Series S | X.

What's included in the pre-order options?

Pre-ordering the game will give you early access. It can also bring you move savings if you go for the bundle option combined with Madden 25. But for football fans, getting to play College Football 25 a few hours before the release is a worthwhile experience.

The Standard version of the game will provide players with the following features:

  • Base Game
  • Alma Mater Ultimate Team Pack (Choice of 1 player out of 134)
  • Cover Athlete Ultimate Team (One player out of three)
  • Bring Glory Home Ultimate Team Uniform Itam

In addition, the early access will grant players access to the game ten hours before its official release. For die-hard fans of the series, the Early Access is a definite steal.

What is College Football 25?

Image Credit: EA Sports
Image Credit: EA Sports

After nearly a decade, College Football 25 brings back the return of EA Sports College Football series. The game is developed by EA Orlando and published by EA Sports and is one of the most anticipated game titles this year. Bringing back memories of old gamers and with them, roping in younger players, this title promises to  be a new height of excitement. Some popular game modes of yesteryears such as Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory will make their comeback.

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