Call of Duty Season 8: Error 404 has a lot of new features, weapons and balance for CODM players.

The Call of Duty Season 8 has finally launched much to fans’ delight. The new season brings a new map, several weapon optimizations, new events, weapons, map optimizations and more. Here is a list of all everything new in the new CODM season 8.

What’s new in CODM Season 8?

There’s lots of new content coming in Season 8 with regular events and game modes keeping players on their phones. In addition to the events, there’s also balances, new operators, a new map and more. 

The CODM official account has revealed a roadmap for Season 8 which can be seen in the graphic below.

CODM Season 8 roadmap. Image Credit: Call of Duty Mobile
CODM Season 8 roadmap. Image Credit: Call of Duty Mobile

All CODM Season 8 events

  • Every Weekend (Friday – Sunday) ~ Tournament Mode
    • 9/08 – 9/10 ~ Ground War (Sept 8-10)
    • 9/15 – 9/17 ~ Alcatraz (Sept 15-17)
  • Hot Potato (Seasonal Challenge) (Sept 7- Oct 4)
  • BR Blitz Isolated (Sept 7- 13)
  • 10v10 Rust (Sept 8- 10)
  • Kurohana Metropolis (Sept 8- 14)
  • Cold Embrace Mythic Drop (Sept 9- Oct 8)
  • Grind Baby Grind (Sept 8- 14)
  • Sai of Relief (Seasonal Challenge) (Sept 12- Oct 4)
  • Headquarters (Sept 12- 18)
  • Hell Fury Draw (Sept 12- 25)
  • BR Sniper Blackout (Sept 14- 20)
  • Coastal 2.0 (Sept 15- 21)
  • Attack of Undead (Sept 15- 21)
  • Eternal Divinity Raw (Sept 15-Oct 14)

All abovementioned dates are in UTC, so if you do not see the event go live in your timezone please double-check as per UTC. 

Three Unique Playlists

While the events will definitely make you smile with the amount of content, there’s a lot more in the latest update as well. There are three unique playlists coming with the new season. They include one Special playlist and two community choice playlist.

Slide Boost

Image Credit: Call of Duty Mobile
Image Credit: Call of Duty Mobile

The Slide Boost is the Special playlist that will run for a week starting September 22, 2023. The Playlist comes to an end on September 28. As is the name, this playlist boosts players’ sliding length in the Multiplayer mode. 

Attack of the Undead (Community Choice Playlist 3)

Attack of the Undead is the first of the community-choice playlist. This playlist will run from September 15 to September 21.

10v10 Shipment (Community Choice Playlist 4)

The final playlist will be the 10v10 Shipment. As the name suggests, this playlist promises to be a brawl with players finding opponents wherever they turn.

The two community-choice playlists were the result of community votes organized by the publisher earlier this year.

Map Optimization

Coastal has received an optimization as part of Season 8: Error 404. The popular map has always had a very spacious mid area which allowed little cover for players. As a result of this open space, it was often an area that players would (for lack of a better word) abuse. 

It was difficult to block enemies with a smoke grenade in the middle road before, so the aisle from the middle road to Defender's base as well as to the Storage room was narrowed down to make it easier to block with a smoke grenade.

The new update the two areas (mid and the initial basement) have been narrowed, which should provide more action. It will also lead to faster resolution on this map and become a more exciting prospect from a gameplay perspective. 

The defense from the Zone A area has not always been easy; to resolve it, the connectivity between the Storage room and Main Street was adjusted; it used to be a one-way channel from Main Street to the Storage room, but now it was adjusted to a two-way channel.

The optimized map is available in the Multiplayer Playlist Coastal 2.0 which runs from September 15 to September 21. 

New Weapons

There are a couple of new weapons that join the game in the latest update. 

  • Argus: A brand new shotgun with high mobility and excellent accuracy. It retains the classic experience as in Black Ops and brings the tactical style with the original attachments from mobile.
  • Sai: A new dual-wield melee that can deliver swift thrusts and slashes. It has extended reach for frontal attack but limited swinging range on the other side.

In addition to these, there have been a few weapon optimizations that include Type 25, HBRa3, HVK-30, XPR-50 , PDW- 57, Razorback, MSMC, HG 40, Pharo, and Cordite.