16 Chess and Clash creators will compete in the upcoming $50,000 Chess Clash this September 7.

During the peak of PogChamps 5, Chess.com announces a multi-game crossover event called Chess Clash which will take place on September 7. This strategy-packed competition, partnered with Clash publisher, Supercell, will pit together eight Chess stars and eight Clash of Clans and Clash Royale stars for more than $50,000 in charity prize money. More details below!

What is Chess Clash?

Chess Clash is a fusion of multiple strategy games including Chess, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans. This event puts to test the chess and Clash skills from every participant.

The format begins with grouping sixteen participants into two clans - four Chess stars and four Clash stars in each clan. Pairs from each clan - one being a Chess creator and one a Clash creator - will compete in six challenges, collecting coins for their performance. Players can also collect stars throughout the challenge which will increase the base $50,000 prize money.

The six challenges are in the following order: Chess, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Chess, Clash Royale and Chess. The finale round which determines the overall winning clan will be a Clash of Clans game. You can check the specific rules of each challenge here.

Chess Clash participants

GothamChess will join Chess Clash this September 7.<br>Image via GothamChess
GothamChess will join Chess Clash this September 7.
Image via GothamChess

Eight Chess creators and eight Clash creators will join the battlefield. Here's the full lineup:

Chess creators

  • Alexandra Botez
  • Gotham Chess
  • SonicFox
  • Anna Cramling
  • Rey Enigma
  • Luis Fernandez Siles (capakhine)
  • Kevin Bordi (BlitzStream)
  • Wirtual

Clash creators

  • OJ (OrangeJuice)
  • Sapnap
  • SirTagCR
  • CWA
  • IamChristinini
  • Domingo
  • xRhat

Prize money

Chess.com will create a bot of Chess Clash winners on their site.
Chess.com will create a bot of Chess Clash winners on their site.

Not only does the event offer a base $50,000 prize money that will go to charity, participants can also add up the total by collecting stars. Aside from that, each participant in the winning team will also get their own AI bot on Chess.com in September.

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