Champions Chess Tour 2024 breakdown: Dates, prize pool, and Tour Finals qualifications cover image

Champions Chess Tour 2024 breakdown: Dates, prize pool, and Tour Finals qualifications

The 2024 Champions Chess Tour will soon kick off with the Chessable Masters.'s massive competitive circuit, the Champions Chess Tour, returns in 2024. With chess continuously booming worldwide, it is no surprise to see revamping the CCT with its prize pool adjusted and format intensified. Check out the complete breakdown of the Champions Chess Tour 2024 below!

Champions Chess Tour schedule

The Champions Chess Tour will comprise four online events, leading up to the season-concluding LAN Tour Finals. Each event lasts eight days and will span across the year. The first tournament, Chessable Masters, is already announced and it will begin on January 31, 2024. Full list of dates for CCT events below:

  • Chessable Masters (Event 1): January 31 - February 7
  • Event 2: May 8 - 15
  • Event 3: July 17 - 24
  • Event 4: September 24 - October 2
  • Tour Finals: December 14 - 21

Champions Chess Tour prize pool for events adjusted

For 2024, the CCT will put forth increased prize money on all its events except for the Tour Finals which remains the same. Each event will now offer $300,000 in prize money, an increase from the previous year's $235,000. This marks the biggest prize money offered outside of the Tour Finals in CCT history.

The Tour Finals will maintain its lucrative $500,000 prize money, totaling 1.7 million for the entire CCT in 2024. The winner of each event will bag $30,000 and a spot in the Tour Finals.

Format changed

The tournament format remains similar to last year, with the three-division format and double-elimination brackets. All GMs are eligible to participate in the Play-In. Meanwhile, other eligible titles such as the NM, CM, FM, IM, WCM, WFM, WIM, and WGM can make it to the tournament through a qualifier.

A slight change for the time format is that all time controls will be set to 10+2.

Qualifications for the $500K Tour Finals

The eight participants in the 2023 CCT Finals.<br>(Image via
The eight participants in the 2023 CCT Finals.
(Image via

Tour Finals is the finale of Chess Champions Tour where we finally crown the Tour Champion. This LAN event features eight qualified players. The winners of previous CCT events get a spot in the Tour Finals and the rest of the participants are decided by the leaderboard that is updated by the end of each stage.

The first of CCT begins with Chessable Masters on January 31, and we can look forward to see the best of the best competing in this event. Stay tuned to for more chess news and updates!