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Independent entertainment company, A24, is currently working on a film project inspired by the Carlsen-Niemann controversy. The film titled "Checkmate" will have the notable actress, Emma Stone, attached to the project as producer.

A24 picks up "Checkmate", a story inspired by the biggest chess controversy

(Photo via Lennart Ootes)
(Photo via Lennart Ootes)

A story with the label "Checkmate" had just been claimed by the popular A24. This company is renowned for its successful horrors like Midsommar, Hereditary, and Talk To Me. Recently, A24 is keen on expanding, adapting high-budget films like its recent $50 million Civil War. The company now has its eyes on the real story based on the 2022 chess scandal.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the book will highlight the "generational battle between Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and the young bad boy of chess Hans Niemann". The story will not only portray the "rivalry and the scandal" but also show the "collision of tradition and innovation" in chess.

The story is not only about the rivalry and the scandal, but the macro backdrop is the rise of a billion-dollar chess industry and so-called “collision of tradition and innovation” in the game.

The film project is reportedly pairing the Oscar-winning actress, Emma Stone with Nathan Fielder on board. While Stone will assume the role of producer together with her husband, Dave Parry, Nathan Fielder will step in to direct.

What is the Carlsen-Niemann controversy?

It has been more than a year since the world witnessed the biggest controversy in chess. The Carlsen-Niemann conflict sparked when the five-time world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, accused young Grandmaster Hans Niemann of cheating after losing to him in a classical match.

(Photo via Anton Vaganov)
(Photo via Anton Vaganov)

The entire chess world and even the prominent super GMs picked their sides. A back-and-forth exchange, direct and subtle, took place over the course of a year. Niemann filed a lawsuit that would eventually be dropped. Until today, the dispute has no clear conclusion.

(Photo via Lennart Ootes)
(Photo via Lennart Ootes)

The drama grabbed so much attention that it grew outside of the chess bubble. Billionaire, Elon Musk even jumped on the conversation, creating the infamous "anal beads" meme. Although there was no final say between both parties, it is clear that Carlsen and Niemann remain in feud. And passionate chess fans may just be able to witness this heated bad blood in the form of a movie.

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