PogChamps returns with a stacked lineup of internet celebrities including QTCinderella, xQc, and Sapnap.

The fifth edition of PogChamps is here! This $100K USD Chess tournament, hosted by Chess.com x Ludwig, features top content creators across the internet starting July 27. The biggest change from previous editions? PogChamps 5 will have an in-person finale in Los Angeles, California - the first time in history!

Current Standings

Here are the standings of the Championship Bracket. CDawgVA will clash against Frank in the Final round which will take place live in Los Angeles on August 17th!

When is PogChamps 5 happening?

PogChamps 5 begins on July 27, 2023. The Group Stage and Playoffs stage will stretch on until August 5. The Grand Final of PogChamps 5, which will run in front of a live audience, will happen on August 18, 2023.

Where to watch PogChamps 5

There are a variety of broadcasts that you can choose to watch the upcoming PogChamps tournament. We have provided all the links for the main broadcasts below:

A prominent lineup of hosts will also be present to further decorate the event. The hosts are Daniel Rensch, Alexandra and Andrea Botez, Ludwig, Levy Rozman, Robert Hess, Danya Naroditsky, Aman Hambleton, and James Canty III.

All participants in PogChamps 5

We have some of the biggest names in content creation joining this epic amateur Chess battle. This includes Twitch juggernaut, xQc, YouTube's star, Sykkuno, and popular variety streamer, JinnyTV, among the rest.

Here's a list of all sixteen stars that are joining PogChamps 5:

Prize pool and format

The prize pool for PogChamps 5 is $100K with $12,000 set aside to reward players' performance in the Group Stage. During the Group Stage, a player earns $400 for a win and $100 for a loss. Here's how the rest of the prize pool ($88,000) is distributed.

3rd (x2)
5th (x4)

The tournament features three stages - the Group Stage, Championship, and Consolation single-elimination brackets. Here's how it will go.

The Group Stage will the sixteen players into four groups of four players each. This is the official groups for PogChamps 5.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Daily Dose of Internet
I did a thing

Each group plays a single round-robin, with participants playing two games against every other player in their group. Players receive 3 points for an outright match win, 2 points for winning a match in the tiebreaks, 1 point for losing the match in the tiebreaks, and 0 points for losing a match without tiebreaks. The first and second player advances to the Championship. Meanwhile, the third and fourth drop to the Consolation round.

Both the Championship and Consolation bracket will have eight players. Both brackets are single-elimination, with players who win their matches advancing to the next stage. All matches consist of two games. The final round takes place live in Los Angeles, United States.

Check out more information on Chess.com.

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