There are a total of 20 different killstreaks in CoD MW2. Join us as we break down the list of all the available options.

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, multiplayer lobbies are as full as ever. And with all the various options for loadouts, a question of killstreaks arises. What options for killstreaks are available? Which are the best? Which ones should you equip? Well fret not, as we have a quick breakdown of the available killstreaks in Call of Duty MW2.

The Call of Duty MW2 killstreak selection screen
The Call of Duty MW2 killstreak selection screen. Image via Activision.

The Basics of Killstreaks

Killstreaks have been an essential part of Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode. After reaching a streak of a certain amount of kills, you’ll earn one of your pre-selected killstreaks. You’ll have the option in your class customization screen to pick three different killstreaks. Although when you first start with the multiplayer of Call of Duty MW2, you’ll have most of the killstreaks locked. To unlock them, you’ll have to gain experience by playing the game.

Regardless, here’s the full list of the available killstreaks in Call of Duty MW2:

  • UAV – 4 kills
  • Bomb Drone – 4 kills
  • Counter UAV – 5 kills
  • Care Package – 5 kills
  • Cluster Mine – 5 kills
  • Precision Airstrike – 6 kills
  • Cruise Missile – 6 kills
  • Mortar Strike – 6 kills
  • S.A.E. – 7 kills
  • Sentry Gun – 7 kills
  • VTOL Jet – 8 kills
  • Overwatch Helo – 8 kills
  • Wheelson-HS – 8 kills
  • Stealth Bomber – 10 kills
  • Chopper Gunner – 10 kills
  • Emergency Airdrop – 10 kills
  • Gunship – 12 kills
  • Advanced UAV – 12 kills
  • Juggernaut – 15 kills
  • MGB/Tactical Nuke – 30 kills
Call of Duty MW2 screenshot
Call of Duty MW2 screenshot. Image via Activision.

There are plenty of strong and arguably overpowered killstreaks available in Call of Duty MW2. However, it seems like players like to stick to relatively two cheap killstreaks with one more expensive one. This is most likely because the time to kill is extremely short in MW2.

So, getting higher level killstreaks is harder in MW2 than previous Call of Duty titles. Below are the most popular and most seen killstreaks so far and why:

  • UAV – The least expensive killstreak. Great for objective-based game modes and allows you to see locations of your enemies periodically.
  • Care Package – Also another cheap killstreak option that is another randomized killstreak. It serves as a cheap alternative for higher-level killstreaks.
  • Cruise Missile – The Cruise Missile is a pure offensive killstreak. This long-range missile is great for clearing outdoor objectives on objective game modes.

Although these three are the most common killstreaks in MW2, these aren’t the definitive best ones. Those are up to you to decide. You can also check out the full list here for specifics.

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