XSET won the ALGS Pro League’s second day of action. They pipped FaZe Clan to the top spot with a fantastic performance.

XSET continued their reign as the best Storm Point team in North America on the second day of the ALGS Pro League. They saw off FaZe Clan to take maximum points on their first day of action in Split 2.

Elsewhere, FaZe Clan backed up their strong start with another impressive performance.

LAN Champions TSM improved on their disappointing result yesterday, but still only found a 10th place finish.

XSET storm through Storm Point

XSET have been masters of Storm Point ever since the map joined the ALGS map pool. They have found themselves performing strongly no matter what the meta, with their team showing very impressive ability to innovate and adapt over several patches.

FunFPS of XSET (Photo: EA/Joe Brady)
FunFPS of XSET (Photo: EA/Joe Brady)

XSET play an incredibly calm and composed brand of Apex, walking into zones, clearing space and fighting exceptionally well as a unit.

FunFPS steals a huge victory

In game five, XSET's FunFPS made one of the standout clutches of the tournament to deny Oxygen a victory. He dispatched two players single handedly, turning around a very precarious situation for XSET.

XSET had played the game perfectly. A middle of the map zone ending near Cascades, XSET edged their way in. Finding positions that were not under pressure, picking off kills and working from position to position saw XSET rack up a whole host of kills.

Where XSET really shine is in their team chemistry. They remain calm, clear and play as a unit at all times. Nocturnal has unbelievable pacing, keeping his team collected and unleashing them at the right moments.

XSET (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
XSET (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Great Worlds Edge for XSET too

While XSET are mostly known as a strong Storm Point game, they made an unbelievable start on Worlds Edge too. Landing Skyhook, a zone deep South near Dome should present real problems for XSET. However, their ability to take spots, deflect attention and win fights once again saw them find their way to the end game. A slightly comical ring around the rosie with Team Diverge capped off an excellent game. Notably, XSET dispatched Team Diverge as just a duo.

If you can make points from Skyhook in a Dome zone, you know it is going to be a good day.

Code Net reaches ALGS

Almost every player has experienced it, but code Net struck during the days ALGS Pro League action. Several players took to Twitter to complain about losing their 'god spot' or their early game kills.

The crash presented a really interesting situation down at the Wall. TSM and BBB are fighting for the drop spot, and in the cancelled game five BBB had switched up their drop spot. They chose not to fight TSM directly but landed down inside the Wall and quickly ran to the armoury.

After the game had restarted, TSM saw an opportunity to land on BBB and wipe them early. But, BBB saw this coming and ended up swapping positions with TSM. Meaning this crash helped BBB steal the Wall from TSM, even if only for a game.

FaZe keep their momentum going

FaZe backed up their strong start, taking second. They found consistent kills across the day, and picked up a match victory in Game 2.

What has been really impressive about FaZe's performance is how well they fight together. One sequence in game four saw a frenzy of kills for FaZe as they worked their way up north towards Thunderwatch.

For a totally new team, the way that FaZe have meshed together is really impressive. None of Snip3down, Frexs, Phonyhead and coach ZZ have competed together in recent history, yet the way they move around the map and communicate in fights feels like a team of long term teammates.

Frexs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Frexs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

FaZe may feel disappointed that they tailed off towards the end of the tournament and were passed by XSET. However, truthfully FaZe cannot complain at their overall first two match days. While they may lose top spot overall when they sit out next Saturday's action, they are right there in the mix for LAN at this early stage.

They have shown better performances on Worlds Edge across their opening twelve games, so will be focusing on improving their Storm Point in the week ahead.

FaZe performance should not come as a surprise

While some have been surprised at FaZe's performance across the opening weekend, the signs have been there in scrims. The contest between TSM and BBB at The Wall only exists because FaZe successfully bullied TSM away from Launch Pad. Contesting, and beating, the global LAN champion team in your founding days as a team is no mean feat.

FaZe will now have to deal with the pressure that comes with being successful and being on such a prestigious organisation. They have earned 39 points in the overall standings, and are almost half way towards the rough cut off of 85 points that will be needed to make top 11 based on previous splits.

The ALGS returns next weekend in North America, with another double header weekend of action.

For full ALGS results, see here.

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