Here’s how you can gain a head start by pre-ordering the next Apex Legends Battle Pass.

With less than a week for Apex Legends Season 19, the hype is real! Everyone has seen Conduit, the new legend, while knowing the fact that Storm Point is getting a massive rework. What most players don't know though is the fact that they can now pre-order the Season 19 Battle Pass. That's right. The next Battle Pass is up for grabs right now in the Apex Legends store with some added benefits, too. Therefore, there's some incentive to pre-order it now.

Where can I pre-order the next Apex Legends Battle Pass?

Apex Legends Battle Pass (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Battle Pass (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

It has been around for a week and Respawn has been quite subtle about it, but the next Battle Pass can be pre-ordered in the game. Under the "Seasonal" tab, click on the "Battle Pass" option. Here, you see the option to pre-order the next Battle Pass next to the "GIFT/Purchase Premium Battle Pass" button. This leads to a screen with two Battle Pass bundles.

Unlocking the next season's Battle Pass (Image via KralRindo on Twitter)
Unlocking the next season's Battle Pass (Image via KralRindo on Twitter)

The Premium Battle Pass costs the usual 950 Apex Coins and comes with the added benefit of five bonus levels to the Season 18 Battle Pass. Alternatively, the Premium Battle Pass bundle costs 2,800 Apex Coins and adds a 25-level boost to the Season 19 Battle Pass when you receive it. This is in addition to the rewards with the regular Premium Battle Pass.

What kind of content can I expect from it?

It's unclear what the contents of the next Battle Pass are going to be. With just four days remaining for Season 19, it's quite clear that Respawn will reveal the next Battle Pass soon. Of course, this entails skepticism from some players on pre-ordering the Battle Pass.

However, the option is available for players who intend to grind it out and receive its content anyway. It's quite convenient, especially considering every Battle Pass rewards players who reach maximum level a total of 1,150 Apex Coins, which more than covers the Battle Pass renewal fees. We'll keep this space updated when the Battle Pass content is revealed.

We've already seen what we're getting next season in terms of free content. Conduit is a new legend joining the Apex Games for the first time since Season 17. The Season 19 Battle Pass will include a skin for her. The Battle Pass will go live on the day Apex Legends Season 19 releases as well. This new season will drop on Oct. 31.

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