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What are Exotic Shards in Apex Legends?

What will this new currency do?

According to leakers, a new form of in game currency is coming to Apex Legends called Exotic Shards. These will stand alongside other currencies, like Apex Coins, Heirloom Shards and Crafting Metals.

These new shards are linked to the new universal heirlooms, like the Cobalt Katar. They are not yet available in Apex Legends, but here is everything we know about Exotic Shards and what they will do in Apex Legends.

How do you get Exotic Shards in Apex Legends?

When they arrive in Apex Legends, it seems Exotic Shards will be available in two different ways. Players will be able to get these new shards from Apex Packs, or by purchasing them directly. That makes them different to Heirloom Shards, which can only be pulled from packs at a 1/500 chance.

Until the shards release, the price of purchasing them or the odds of getting them from an Apex Pack is not confirmed. But, expect them to be reasonably rare, to make directly buying them a more attractive prospect.

What will these Shards do?

Leaks have also confirmed what Exotic Shards will do in Apex Legends.

The description of this new currency reads: "Get Exotic Shards to purchase Artifact set items and Reactive weapon skins."

This seems to confirm the separate rumour, that the new Cobalt Katar universal Heirloom will be customisable. Players will be able to alter the colours and style of this item with a range of different choices to pick from.

However, that isn't all that Exotic Shards can get you. The description also reveals that for the first time in Apex history, Reactive weapon skins will be purchasable too. We don't know if this will be all new Reactive weapon skins, recolours of past Battle Pass Rewards, or a mix of both. We might even see Battle Pass skins make a direct return.

Season 10's Reactive Volt skin
Season 10's Reactive Volt skin

Of course, completing the Battle Pass will be the best and cheapest way to unlock these skins so don't worry about not getting a new Reactive skin every season in the future.

It's not yet clear how many Exotic Shards either the Heirloom customisations or Reactive weapon skins will cost.

Stay tuned to esports.gg as more information about this new currency is released.