The Valkyrie Prestige Skin is entering Apex Legends in the Neon Network collection event.

The Valkyrie Prestige Skin is real, and it is releasing on July 25th in the Neon Network Collection Event. Also featured is a new Battle Royale gamemode, including a new Reward Shop that you can earn tokens for.

Yes, there is a much improved free to play aspect to an Apex Legends collection event!

As always, collecting all 24 Cosmetics in the collection event, separate to the Reward Shop, will unlock the Valkyrie Prestige Skin.

How to unlock the Valkyrie Prestige Skin

As always, there are 24 new cosmetic skins available as part of the new Neon Network Collection Event. Purchasing all of these items will automatically unlock the new Valkyrie Prestige Skin. Completing the event with just packs will set you back about 16,800 Apex coins.

Once the event is concluded, you will be able to unlock the skin with Heirloom Shards too.

The Valkyrie Prestige Skin features three levels and an exclusive finisher just like the previous heirloom skins released.

New Battle Royale gamemode

Also included in the collection event is the Node Tracker: Battle Royale takeover. This will be a standard unranked Apex Legends Battle Royale, with a twist. Players will locate connection points, and hack into leads across the map.

Players will earn loot and Compute Nodes. These nodes are what you will use in the new event shop.

New event shop

The new event shop will allow players to spend their Compute Nodes on skins, holo sprays and packs. Once all of the event skins have been unlocked, you can use your remaining Nodes to earn additional BP Stars to continue your seasonal progress. Challenges refresh daily and you can earn a limited amount of Compute Nodes per day.

It's refreshing to see an aspect to Collection Events that don't require players to spend Apex Coins. Players can still engage in the event even if they are not intending to buy the new Valkyrie Prestige Skin.

As always, some old skins are returning in the event shop as well - if you have Apex coins to spare.

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