UTFT sign Team Danish ahead of ALGS Year 4 cover image

UTFT sign Team Danish ahead of ALGS Year 4

UTFT have finally made Pro League, by signing Team Danish.

Focus may be on the upcoming ALGS Championship, but British based organisation UTFT are already preparing for ALGS year four, signing Team Danish.

The roster of Carl "YungHongKong" Larsen, Andreas "Friqz" Petersen and Davis "Bavis" Ubavics are coming off the back of an impressive breakthrough year. They rose through pre-season qualifiers all the way to a 4th place in the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier in July.

For UTFT, this represents a big step up from their previous Challenger Circuit rosters. Also joining UTFT is coach Andrea "Colo" Colombo.

UTFT are finally in Pro League

Followers of the EMEA Challenger Circuit will be familiar with UTFT. They have flirted with Pro League qualification on several occasions but never quite made the cut. The ambition of UTFT's ownership to reach the top level of ALGS has not been a secret, and this move seems to make sense for all parties concerned.

Who is the new UTFT Apex Roster?

Team Danish have competed together since the start of ALGS year 3. First under 'HighPeak', then under Ember. They have made one of the strongest entrances into Pro League of any new team to qualify. Most teams that qualify face relegation in their first split.

However, this roster has never fallen into the bottom eight. They finished 21st in Pro League Split 1, and backed that up with a 13th place in split two.

Heartbreak came in the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier. They were just three points off eclipsing 'LCDF' and taking second place to qualify for the ALGS Championship. Yet, on balance, this rounded off a very impressive break through year.

LAN qualification is the goal in Year Four

esports.gg spoke to UTFT owner Jack, about the signing.

He revealed that Team Danish have been on their radar for some time.

"Danish is a team we've followed for a while, they started competing together alongside our former roster in Pro League Qualifiers and we had a good relationship with all three of the players at the time. After Danish made Pro League last year we kept an eye on the talent and after a meeting in London with Carl (YungHongKong) we quickly got together as a collective and decided it was the right move to make."

(Image via Respawn Entertainment)
(Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Breaking through as a growing organisation is difficult in Apex Legends. The Challenger Circuit has a small, albeit dedicated, following. For Jack and UTFT, it was an important leap to finally enter a higher level of ALGS.

"We're hungry for the next step in UTFT's life, as a team, we've prided ourselves in doing things right as a business. After talks recently in London with some other org owners, they've all commented on how ambitious we are and how we need to take the leap.

"I personally think UTFT has become a fan favourite in EMEA, we nearly made Pro League on both occasions we tried, coming just short with our previous team - We've put so much time into working towards this and decided this team was the right move for us."

Analyst also joining the roster

In addition to their coach, Colo, UTFT are transitioning analyst IEJace to the roster to help the team prepare for ALGS year four. There are plans to fly the roster out for a bootcamp in Liverpool, a city that means a lot to the organisation.

While the roster came just shy of a LAN debut, in year three, Jack says that year four LAN is the goal for UTFT.

"The aim for the team is qualifying for LAN in year four, it's one of the things we identified as a team and is a collective goal. The team have the ability to do it and almost made it in there first year, now they've got some more experience and our support, I'm more than confident we'll achieve it."

YungHongKong able to play Apex full time

For YungHongKong, joining UTFT is helping him fulfil his dream of playing Apex full time.

"The benefits for me is that I dont have to deliver food 9-5 everyday. Can focus on my grind and becoming better. Jace is also joined us under UTFT and she is doing a really great job for us as an analyst."

Having to go back to delivering food was something that YungHongKong tweeted after their narrow loss in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Team Danish are also joining an organisation that has a notable and passionate fanbase. Twitch chat during EMEA Challenger Circuit broadcasts was often filled with UTFT fans. For YungHongKong, this fanbase is a big attraction.

"I am very excited to work and be affiliated with UTFT. I’ve known the CEO Jack and met him at LAN and we meshed really well. The UTFT Community is amazing and I cant wait to be a part of it. I can also see UTFT’s future is very bright with all their tournaments and scrims they are hosting. Truly amazing."

While UTFT will be watching from the sidelines during the ALGS Championship, work is well under way for the resumption of the ALGS Pro League, whenever that will be.

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