TSM’s team of Apex content creators continues to grow with the addition of Mande! cover image

TSM’s team of Apex content creators continues to grow with the addition of Mande!

TSM has signed a new Apex content creator, and its none other than Mande! Join us as we break down the announcement and a brief history!

TSM has their latest addition! The newest content creator joining one of the top organizations is Mikkel "Mande" Hallie Hestbek. The former ALGS EMEA 2021 champion, turned Apex Legends content creator has been on quite the rise recently. So the community was thrilled to hear of the announcement coming from both TSM and Mande himself.

Mande and TSM's announcement

Despite the bankruptcy of TSM's sponsor FTX, the organization has been finding their footing once more. As they are now focusing more on the streaming space and their teams. Regardless, the announcement video of Mande's signing is a treat. Without spoiling, the video showcases the TSM Apex team, including the CEO himself, ImperialHal finding a mysterious package

A brief history of Mande

Prior to joining TSM, Mikkel "Mande" Hallie Hestbek has been a fan favorite player and content creator of the Apex community. Mande has two sides to his Apex career. Throughout his Apex professional career he's had quite the run. Most notably with his performance with SCARZ. Where Mande, alongside Can "Taisheen" Öztürk and Dan "rpr" Ušić took home the title of the ALGS EMEA Champions in 2021. Then in the 2022 Split 1 EMEA Pro League, Mande came in fifth as a stand-in with the Alliance squad.

Mande at the ALGS EMEA Championships
Mande at the ALGS EMEA Championships

On the other side is his stream which has been rising in popularity within the Apex community. With a constant 6,000 to 8,000 viewers tuning into his daily streams, he's become a face of the Apex streaming community. His funny personality coupled with his highly aggressive but skilled playstyle on Pathfinder has made Mande a fan favorite streamer and now TSM member. The Danish player has also become infamous with the Charge Rifle, crushing lobbies with the sniper alone.

The Apex community as a whole is looking forward to what Mande can do now under the TSM banner. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg.