TSM, but make it double.

TSM have become the first organisation to have two signed teams in the ALGS, following the rules changing in December.

TSM have signed EMEA team Phoenix Legacy, who will now be known as TSM Phoenix. Kyri will join SabzBear on the organisation, with Sabz already being signed to TSM.

TSM now represented in two regions

TSM always seemed likely to be among the first organisations to pick up two teams, since the rules change in December. They have a long and deep relationship with Apex.

It is exciting to see them invest in Phoenix Legacy, a team that featured their long time content creator SabzBear. Sabz was one of the players TSM acquired when they put together a team for women's competitive.

TSM Phoenix are still looking for their third player, with SabzBear and Kyri the only two players signed on the roster as things stand. The team currently sits in 22nd. They do have a game day in hand over some of their rivals, having only played twice.

TSM Sabz (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
TSM Sabz (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

TSM Phoenix's first ALGS Pro League performance will come this weekend, on February 13. It's currently unknown if they will find a third player in time. Otherwise, it is expected AlphaDraft will continue to play alongside SabzBear and Kyri.

TSM Phoenix first ALGS Pro League team to have two female players

Phoenix Legacy, and now TSM Phoenix have made ALGS history. This Pro League split, they became the first team in Pro League history to have two female players on the team.

TSM investing in this roster is a big statement, both to their faith in the ALGS but also into this roster. This record breaking team will now have significant support and resources to grow, and try to build their push towards the top eight.

Phoenix Legacy finished 26th and then 19th in last seasons Pro League. With the backing of TSM, and the addition of Kyri, they will hope to perform significantly better this season.

The ALGS Pro League, and TSM Phoenix, resume action this Saturday.