Social media is already full of discussion.

Apex Legends players, fans and streamers have been sharing their reactions to the newly unveiled Battle Pass changes coming in Season 22.

Among the most controversial changes is the decision to introduce two Battle Passes per season. These will be purchased separately and can only be bought with real life currency, not Apex Coins.

The free Battle Pass also remains, with increased rewards.

Apex players slam upcoming Battle Pass changes

The reaction to the announcement of these Battle Pass changes has been met by widespread derision by the Apex community.

Fans have taken in droves to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their bemusement at the changes. One of the biggest names to speak out is popular streamer, Mande. He posted only a single image in reaction.

Others were more direct in their criticism.

A lot of the criticism to the changes focuses around the decision to make the Battle Pass purchasable through IRL currency only. Previously, lots of players purchased the Battle Pass using last seasons Apex Coin rewards. That made the Battle Pass self sufficient. Completing one seasons provided enough Coins to buy the next.

Of course, a lot of players likely did buy Coins fresh each season in order to have enough for the Battle Pass. Those players will still spend the same amount on the first Battle Pass of the season, but will have to spend that same amount again for the second split's Battle Pass.

The amount of work required to complete both Battle Passes is also causing concern. However, EA are directly seeking to make these new Battle Passes more rewarding and less of a grind, according to their own post.

Fans will get a chance to try the Battle Pass changes for free

While there is a lot of pushback against the changes, EA are giving all Apex players the chance to try this new system at no cost when Season 22 releases. This will allow players to see if they can keep up with the new half season, 60 tier Battle Passes before spending any of their own money.

A breakdown of the old vs new Battle Pass system
A breakdown of the old vs new Battle Pass system

All players will be able to earn the first split’s Premium Battle Pass at season launch by logging in and completing a set of challenges within the first two weeks. 

How do you feel about the Apex Battle Pass changes coming in Season 22?

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