Take your Apex addiction to the next level with over 70 Apex themed dishes.

Respawn and EA have announced an upcoming Apex cookbook, set to release on October 17th.

The book, which is being published by Insight Editions, promises "over 70 easy-to-make recipes inspired by Legends ranging from entrees, breakfast, desserts, appetizers, drinks, baked goods, soups and so much more."

Recipes include Pathfinder's Leviathan Stew, Vantage's Gran Abuela's Flan, and Lifeline's "Pas Me Dat Suga" Cookies.

Will you be hardstuck gold in the Kitchen?

Each of the recipes has a difficulty level that corresponds to one of the iconic in game ranks. That means that if you struggle to tackle Bloodhounds Behemoth Burger, you can be hard stuck in game and in the kitchen. Neat!

In addition to legend inspired recipes, some take inspiration from the game itself. For example the "Supply Box Sandwich." If you happen to have a spare Wraith Heirloom lying around, it seems to make an excellent skewer!

Each of the Apex themed recipes come narration from the books authors. Who are they you might ask? Well it seems Pathfinder and Mirage are the Apex games answer to Gordon Ramsay!

Pathfinder lets you know that despite not having a mouth, tongue, tastebuds, mouth or even a stomach he LOVES cooking and that's why he has put the book together. We all trust Pathfinder, right?

Hopefully Respawn add an "idiot Sandwich" voiceline for Pathfinder next season.

Where can I buy the Apex cookbook?

The Apex cookbook is available for pre-order for $34.99 on the Play Apex Shop and Amazon. The cookbook will have localized editions several regions. Including North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Brazil.  

This Cookbook adds to a growing range of Apex Legends collectibles. From Pool Inflatables to Boardgames the Apex Universe grows bigger every day. Could we see Apex kitchen tools to help us execute these recipes? Time will tell.

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