If you’re looking to upgrade your weapon combo for Revelry, ImperialHal has shared the best weapon combo for Apex Legends Season 16.

Apex Legends pro Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen is one of the most well-respected voices in the scene so his recent opinions about the best weapons in Season 16 have been shared throughout the community.

Season 16 has brought big changes to Apex Legends, including the meta thanks to the new weapon. The Nemesis Burst AR deals massive damage. Meanwhile, other formerly high-tier weapons have fallen off the top of the tier list. If you're wondering which weapon combo is the best for Season 16, ImperialHal has some insight.

ImperialHal talks best weapons for Season 16

The TSM pro player recently discussed Apex Legends weapon meta on stream, surprising some viewers with some interesting insight. ImperialHal was watching streamer ChaoticMuch play some Season 16 when he mentioned he didn't really like his current loadout.

According to ImperialHal, the R-301 should be "dropped" for some better options that emerged in Revelry.

So what's the alternative to the R-301? According to ImperialHal, you should be using the Flatline and Nemesis instead right now. But even those aren't the best of the best for Season 16.

The best Season 16 weapon combos

  • Nemesis and Prowler
  • Nemesis and R99

You probably noticed that the Nemesis Burst AR was mentioned in both combos. The new weapon is truly a beast in Season 16. Developers even admitted it was "coming in hot." And these combos give you a lot of options, from long-range headshots to spraying enemies with bullets up close.

Is the Nemesis Burst AR getting nerfed?

The Apex Legends community has been calling for the Nemesis Burst AR to be nerfed for a while now. A lot of players feel it's pretty OP, hence why ImperialHal has called on the community to use it in the loadout.

Pro players have also called on the weapon to be nerfed. Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An said it was "way too strong" while discussing the new season.

With so many players ranting about the Nemesis, Respawn Entertainment will most likely nerf the weapon in the near future to keep the game balanced.