The Apex Legends End of Year Sale arrives with eight new bundles cover image

The Apex Legends End of Year Sale arrives with eight new bundles

The Apex Legends End of the Year sale has arrived! Join us as we dive into all the items included in the sale.

With 2023 right around the corner, the yearly Apex Legend End of Year sale is here! This year, after the great year that Apex Legends has had with some of the best seasons the game has offered, the end of the Year Sale has eight bundles available for players. The sale ends on Jan. 10, 2023, and there is no guarantee that the items will ever make a return to the Outlands.

With the Wintertide event concluded, the timing of Apex End of Year Sale is better than ever. Although there are eight items included in the event, two of them are Apex pack bundles. While the remaining items are skin bundle variations. The featured skins are recolors of three fan favorite skins:

  • Wraith's Rift Stalker skin
  • Wattson's Thunder Kitty skin
  • Loba's Breaking the Law skin

However these skins are not returning as players once remember. Other than Wraith's Rift Stalker skin, the other skins got brand new recolors in the End of Year sale. With more festive and brighter colors than their counterparts. The skins are available in two different bundles, with either 30 or 10 Apex packs included. Wraith on the other hand comes with the Sanguine bundle, which includes a R-99 skin and weapon charm for 2500 Apex coins. Additionally, there is a more expensive version which includes the aforementioned items, but also includes 20 Apex packs.

Also included in Apex's End of Year sale are Apex pack bundles. To help out players trying to unlock their guaranteed Heirlooms after opening 500 Apex packs. There are two bundles currently available for purchase. One includes 20 Apex packs and a Celestial Keepsake charm for 1000 Apex coins. On the other hand the other bundle includes 100 Apex packs and the Contact Point charm for 6700 Apex coins.

The Apex pack bundles from the End of the Year sale
The Apex pack bundles from the End of the Year sale

Purchasing the store items

Purchasing the items of the End of Year sale for Apex Legends is a simple task. Players need to open up Apex Legends on any platform and navigate to the store page. From there, it becomes a matter of picking out which bundles a player wants to purchase. Then, as long as the necessary Apex coins are there, the purchase can be made.

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