Here’s everything to know about the Assault class in Apex Legends, including its perks and some winning strategies.

Season 16 of Apex Legends completely changed the game upon its release. Respawn introduced five new classes to the popular battle royale. These classes each come with a special perk that gives players new strategic options in game. The most straightforward of the classes is the Assault class. What exactly is the Assault class in Apex Legends, what are its perks, and why should you use it? Let’s find out!

Apex Legends classes (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends classes (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

What is the Assault class in Apex Legends?

The Assault class in Apex Legends is the most direct of the five classes. Five Legends make up this class as of Season 16: Bangalore, Ash, Fuse, Mad Maggie, and Revenant. These Legends focus on being ready for battle and forcing the enemy into a fight. Basically, these are the tanks of Apex Legends. Each Legend has abilities made for pushing the enemy and punishing any mistakes they might make.

It’s all about attacking, straightforward and simple, with the most ammo and best attachments. Assault class perks make this very convenient.

A red bin in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
A red bin in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

What perk does the Assault class get?

Every one of the five new classes gets a perk, and the Assault class gets two useful ones. Just for the Assault class are new red “smart loot” bins scattered across the maps of Apex Legends. These bins have a secret compartment that contains four attachments for you or your teammates current weapon loadout.

Since the bins give “smart loot,” this means that the red bins will always give an upgrade to your team. This is similar to the loot you receive from IMC armories on Storm Point. Additionally, a particularly useful feature of the red bins is that one loot slot is reserved for optics, making it easier to find your preferred optic before a fight.

The second perk for the Assault class is the ability to carry more ammo per stack. Other Legends carry, for example, a maximum of 60 rounds of Light ammo per stack while the Assault class can carry 80 rounds of Light ammo per stack. However, the extra stack is slightly reduced for Shotgun and Sniper ammo. These few extra bullets can mean the difference between winning or losing, especially for higher levels of play when resource management can be hectic near the end game.

Yuki wins against ImperialHal with six bullets left (Video via Twitch)

How to best utilize the Assault class

Apex Legends’ Assault class is extremely versatile, meaning that these Legends are useful in basically every situation imaginable. Additionally, that also means there isn’t one best strategy for the Assault class. However, since these Legends are made for frontal assaults, it can be easy to push every fight you see. It may sound counterintuitive, but staying back and not pushing may be the best way to utilize your Assault class Legend.

In the end, Apex is a team-based game and supporting your team will always be the number one best way to achieve victory. Making sure that you’re not overextending is especially important with Legends that feel like they're made to push forward into a fight. Defend your team and find opportunities to push. Don’t leave a teammate behind to thirst kill. 

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