Come on, it was inevitable.

The so called "super team", Team Falcons, started their ALGS Split 2 with an opening day victory. This god squad, of ImperialHal, Genburten and Zer0 showed that they can handle the huge expectations that the ALGS community is putting onto this team.

Elsewhere, CCE also made a strong start. In particular on Worlds Edge, they made their specialist playstyle work in Pro League after graduating from the Challenger Circuit

Team Falcons start their ALGS Split 2 as they mean to go on

Let's be honest, there was only going to be one winner. Team Falcons are the most decorated and most experienced ALGS team in history. Perhaps the expectations of what this team will do are overblown, but their talent is undeniable.

There was some discussion about the new ALGS POI Draft "nerfing" this "super team" with some feeling that they might not be able to dominate as a result. In the old system, this terrifying roster would have essentially been able to take any drop spot they wanted.

(Left to right) ZZ, Zer0 and Genburten // Photo EA/Joe Brady
(Left to right) ZZ, Zer0 and Genburten // Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, they have proved that their talent and experience also gives them a lot of adaptability. Team Falcons got their preferred Skyhook West (and by extension Trials) on Worlds Edge, however that came at the cost of a good POI on Storm Point.

Their Storm Point location of Coastal Camp is so widely derided, that even LG Sweet's Mother knows it is not somewhere teams go by choice...

Team Falcons got some good fortune along the way

Despite that, Team Falcons performed very well on both maps. The ALGS script writers were perhaps slightly on their side on Worlds Edge, getting two Skyhook zones to start your ALGS campaign from Skyhook West is rather fortunate.

They also got a huge helping hand from Luminosity in match two. A fumbled push and slight miscommunication between Sweet, Sikezz and Fuhhnq allowed Team Falcons to reset, and go on to win their first ALGS game as a team as a result.

This gave Falcons a little bit of breathing room on Storm Point. Their strong Worlds Edge performance meant they needed solid games rather than ground breaking ones from Coastal Camp.

However, that wasn't going to stop Team Falcons from steamrolling on their ALGS debut. They racked up kills for fun, including winning the final game of the day. Clearly, even landing at a poor POI isn't enough to hold this "super team" back.

Top five

  • Team Falcons -
  • Tripods - 52
  • SSG - 50
  • Oxygen Esports - 48
  • NRG - 42

CCE also make strong start to Pro League on Worlds Edge

CCE made an impressive start to their Pro League campaign, finishing 7th. Dedicated ALGS Challenger Circuit viewers will know CCE for their unique Rampart and Loba combination. The Draft System presented an interesting conundrum for CCE. Will they be able to play a hyper specialised zone playstyle from any POI on the map?

The jury is still out on that one, but the value specifically of Loba was clear across their Worlds Edge games in particular. Epicentre is not known for plentiful loot, with teams previously treating it combined with Survey as a single drop location.

Loba (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Loba (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

By using Loba, CCE were able to remotely loot as the game went on. In the two games they got set up in zone, CCE performed very well. Their match three win was particularly impressive. CCE made very smart micro rotations, ultimately capitalising on LG overheating in a fight to steal the best position in the final circle.

With Rampart's Sheila to supress teams in the final ring, if CCE can replicate this playstyle no matter where the draft takes them, they could well be a force to be reckoned with this split. Some improvement on Storm Point will be needed to turn solid results into excellent ones.

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