Team Falcons pulled off an incredible comeback win, having earned just five points in the first three games on Worlds Edge. Showing their talent and experience, Team Falcons turned on the style on Storm Point to launch themselves from the bottom of the standings all the way to first.

As has been the theme all weekend, the lobby was extremely tight heading into the final game. Team Liquid and Cloud9 sat tied for first as the final game got underway. Cloud9 died early in that game, as did Team Liquid. That opened the door for Team Falcons, who were never going to pass up the opportunity.

Team Falcons shake off poor Worlds Edge

It was an uncharacteristic performance from Team Falcons on Worlds Edge. They picked up five points in the three matches, all in the opening game. Now, it is normal for teams to have poor games but expectations are so high on this roster.

However, that joke about the ALGS script just won't go away. They seem utterly unbeatable, cruising past several teams with some incredible Storm Point games. Their lead was far bigger than just five points, so in theory, they didn't need Worlds Edge at all.

Even more impressive is that Falcons had a much better pick on Worlds Edge than Storm Point. Devastated Coast is not meant to be a strong location, especially for northern zones near Lightning Rod.

Yet, when the zone went all the way north Team Falcons were happy to work their way into a very powerful spot and secure their victory. Cloud9 and Team Liquid will be frustrated but the way that Team Falcons performed that match means they may have still surpassed them even if either team survived for longer.

There isn't really too much more to say about Falcons. They fight incredibly well, rotate quickly and smartly and frankly are absolutely living up to the expectations around them. In particular ImperialHal seems very strong in his new role. He hit the 6k damage benchmark today, contributing a huge 15 kills.

Top five:

  • Team Falcons - 67
  • Team Liquid - 54
  • Cloud9 - 52
  • NRG - 48
  • Tempr - 41

The ALGS Pro League has now reached the halfway point, and Team Falcons are already significantly ahead of the rest of the region. This super team is exactly that, can anyone stop them?