Sweetdreams takes Apex TDM Twitch Rivals victory cover image

Sweetdreams takes Apex TDM Twitch Rivals victory

Sweetdreams racked up another Twitch Rivals win. He won the Apex TDM Twitch Rivals, alongside team 72hrs.

Sweetdreams, of NRG, took home the victory in the Apex TDM Twitch Rivals. The marathon event, composed of several rounds featured an array of Apex pros, streamers and notable names from other games.

This is the first, and possibly last time, we see the TDM mode in a competitive format.

The teams of three were divided into two grounds. They then competed in a round robin style. The four teams with the most wins in each group then paired off, and competed in a bracket stage.

The final consisted of Team's Babynikki and Huskerrs, facing against Team Sweetdreams and 72hrs.

Apex TDM Twitch Rivals showcases new mode

This special edition of Twitch Rivals showcased the latest LTM mode to be featured in Apex. For most casual players, TDM is a fun run and gun mode. However, with $200,000 on the line, gameplay naturally shifted. Teams developed various strategies across the Apex TDM Twitch Rivals event. Mirage was a surprising popular pick. His decoys were able to confused and cause chaos. Furthermore, legends like Bangalore were almost always double picks across both teams thanks to her smokes.

It was a real novelty to hear pro players communicating seriously in a mode that has been played very casually. One round reached the time limit, with two teams stuck in a 45-47 standoff. Neither team wanted to commit to a fight.

If this mode garners further tournaments is yet to be seen. The mode was entertaining to watch thanks to the fast paced action. Although, it is not hard to see how slow and passive the games could become if a meta was allowed to develop.

NickMercs and Huskers rivalry bubbles

With teams of three being paired together, and allowed to communicate as a six man squad, that created some interesting combinations.

One of the most interesting combinations was that of NickMercs and Huskers. The two have some unsettled business from Warzone. Even the lure of a share of $200,000 wasn't enough to tempt them together. Despite everything that was on the line, Nick refused to join the call and speak to Huskers at all.

One of the most engaging aspects of all Twitch Rivals events is seeing unusual faceoffs. NRG pro's Sweet and Gild going head to head is something we never get to see in any other event. Likewise, seeing legends ImperialHal and Aceu compete together is Apex history in the making.

Sweetdreams beats Girlfriend to Apex TDM Twitch Rivals title

Another unique matchup came in the events final. Sweetdreams and BabyNikki were both invited as Captains. The pair were separated by just one wall, and Sweet could be heard on stream handing out some pre-final smack talk.

Both teams were engaged in a virtually neck and neck contest throughout the final. Team Sweet and team 72hrs found some momentum when it mattered however. They went on a crucial kill spree to rack up the final few kills.

Of course, the Rivalry between partners can be intense. Sweet and Nikki have a history of facing off in community events if they aren't teamed up.

Sweet and Nikki at the NRG HQ
Sweet and Nikki at the NRG HQ

Amazingly, Sweet somehow could identify Nikki in the heat of battle, and chased her down. Bragging rights in the Sweet&Nikki household are certainly with Sweet who won the event with a kill on Nikki herself.

The Apex TDM Twitch Rivals adds to Sweet's very impressive Twitch Rivals record. He took a leadership role across all the games, commanding respect and formulating plans on the fly in true Sweet style.

While event received a positive reception, it seems unlikely we will see another TDM based tournament anytime soon.

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