A huge 13 games were needed to crown a champion.

Striderz qualified for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in a marathon APAC North ALGS Regional Finals. It took 13 games to get a winner under the match point format, with a huge 16 teams on Match Point heading into the final game.

This is by far one of the longest Regional Finals in ALGS history, with huge twists and turns throughout the almost 8 hour marathon.

Striderz were one of the teams who needed to win the Regional Finals in order to qualify for LAN, and they closed out an incredibly tense night of action.

Striderz win sees LAN champs fail to make Split 2

Perhaps the biggest shock of the night was Crazy Raccoon failing to make LAN. Obly and SangJoon were the core of the LAN Champion Reject Winnity team. A mid season roster shuffle wasn't enough to kickstart their season.

They finished in 10th overall, just one spot shy of the 9th place cutoff for ALGS Split 2. This is the first time in ALGS history that the winners of the previous LAN competition have failed to qualify for the next event at all.

Crazy Raccoon seemed down and out at one point in the days competition, languishing at the bottom end of the leaderboard. However, a huge win in game eight opened the door to a LAN spot. Sadly, the Split 1 Champions were unable to take full advantage of the opportunity.

It isn't all bad news however. Their win in Los Angeles earned them enough Playoff Points to qualify them for the ALGS Championship no matter what happened in Split 2.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

APAC North shows off the best of Match Point

This tournament showcased the immense strength of the APAC North region, and the thrill of match point. While most tournaments last around seven or eight games, there is always the possibility for a hugely extended tournament.

There was not even a runaway team. HAO had the most points, with 105, but E36 and FNATIC had 101 and 100 respectively. For LAN champions and previously dominant teams to not qualify further shows that APAC North is a major contender.

As well as Striderz win, NewJ also are another shock result. Their qualification is a remarkable story. This team came through the Challenger Circuit, none of them have ever played in Pro League before. Yet, not only did they qualify for LAN but they took second overall in the league.

APAC North Pro League final overall standings

  • FNATIC - 142
  • NewJ - 107
  • NOEZ FOXX - 106
  • FENNEL - 99
  • GHS - 98
  • HAO - 94
  • E36 - 93
  • STRIDERZ - 87

Those nine teams are all now heading to Mannheim Germany later this summer.