Snip3down, and FaZe, out of Pro League after roster change cover image

Snip3down, and FaZe, out of Pro League after roster change

Snip3down is facing having to qualify for the ALGS Pro League after a roster change left him unaware he did not have a guaranteed spot.

Snip3down is facing a spell in the ALGS Challenger Circuit unless he can find a spot with a qualified roster, it has emerged. The Halo and Apex Legends veteran believed he had control of the roster due to a captaincy rule. However, he was unaware he had been removed as the rosters captain.

Now, Snip3down and by extension FaZe, are not currently set to have a spot in the ALGS Pro League in January. The language of Snip3down's posts on Social Media indicate that FaZe were backing his next roster.

What are the ALGS roster rules?

The situation arose as a result of the ALGS roster rules. Players come and go from rosters. Spots belong to the collective players, and not any organisation. The FaZe roster consisted of Snip3down, Phony, Frexs and SlurpeeG.

FaZe at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
FaZe at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

ALGS rules say to retain a spot, a team must contain 2 of the original team at any point during a season. This allows teams to make changes but means that if teams totally split up, the spot is forfeited.

But, if a team of four splits in half. Who keeps the spot? This is where the Captaincy rule also comes into effect.

Each team has a captain, and should the roster split in that way or there be any other discrepancy the Captain has the casting vote and would retain ownership of the team. Snip3down was initially the captain of the FaZe roster.

So why does Snip3down not have control of the spot?

The captaincy rule is what Snip3down was relying on, in order to keep control of the spot.

SlurpeeG (Photo Credit: FaZe Clan)
SlurpeeG (Photo Credit: FaZe Clan)

SlurpeeG was the reason this roster was formed in the first place. Only with SlurpeeG staying as the fourth player were FaZe able to add Phony and Frexs between splits last season.

Snip3down was removed as captain

Unbeknown to him, Snip3down was removed as captain just days after his email for clarification was sent. SlurpeeG actually left the roster on Battlefy to search for his own team to compete in the ALGS Pre Season qualifiers. However, he has not yet competed for a different team.

This left just three players on the roster, meaning they retained the spot and they could also vote to remove Snip3down as the teams captain. This is what happened.

This has now left Snip3down without a Pro League spot, with just two Pre Season Qualifiers remaining. There is of course a chance that someone of Snip3down's quality and experience could find his way onto a roster already in Pro League. But, it is now out of his hands where his immediate future lies.

What does this mean for FaZe?

Across a series of posts on X, formerly Twitter, Snip3down spoke like he had the backing of FaZe for his next roster. He was not released when the FaZe roster announced their departure. Of course, this situation has revealed much more of the context behind that departure too.

Frexs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Frexs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

It has been revealed the roster broke down after Snip3 suggested replacing Frexs with Koyful. Phony did not want to leave Frexs and instead chose to break away from Snip3down instead. Frexs felt that trust had broken down after suggestions to replace him were made.

Will FaZe pick up a new roster?

The language used since the departure seemed to initially reduce the idea that FaZe might pick up a new roster. If they believed that they still had a Pro League spot with Snip3down they were possibly looking to build a new roster around him instead of finding a new team. On stream Snip3 stated "FaZe is obviously with me."

Snip3 has also confirmed that he is not the mystery third on Sweetdreams and Nafen's new roster.

Of course, whatever FaZe's initial plans were they might have changed following the loss of their Pro League spot. It would certainly be unusual and embarrassing if one of the ALGS's partner teams does not actually have a roster in the top tier of competition when the ALGS Pro League resumes in January.

If Snip3down wants to try and qualify for the ALGS Pro League in his own right, he would need to win either of the remaining two ALGS Pre Season qualifiers. The roster lock for this weekends action is tonight.

UPDATE: Snip3down playing this weekend

Snip3down has entered this weekends ALGS Pre Season Qualifier. He will be on team "Monkey Business" with StayNaughty and BulletL. This roster carries extreme experience, and there is a good chance that Snip3down will have a shot at re-making Pro League.

However, due to the team only just being formed, their chance of qualifying through overall points is very low. They will have to win either of the weekends action remaining to qualify.

Thumbnail image: EA/Joe Brady