shroud is known for having strong opinions and he most recently discussed controller players in Apex Legends.

Streamer Mike "shroud" Grzesiek has continued to criticize Apex Legends for continuing to put controller and moues and keyboard users in the same competitive lobbies.

Since the dawn of the FPS genre, the gaming community has argued about controllers versus mouse and keyboard. Both sides have continued to debate who has the upperhand, with controller players claiming mouse and keyboard users have quicker reaction times and more accurate aiming while mouse and keyboard players have accused controller users of having unfair assists in-game.

In Apex Legends particularly, some mouse and keyboard gamers have said that the controller has "soft aimbot." In competitive and pro play, the controller has actually become preferable over mouse and keyboard despite being played on PC.

TSM pro player Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen recently won the MVP award after the ALGS Season 1 playoffs while using a controller. But he also previously won this award while using a keyboard and mouse. The Apex Legends community has often said that both inputs have different pros and cons. Even so, shroud is still skeptical.

shroud discusses keyboard and mouse versus controller players in Apex Legends

shroud started his esports career as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player. But he has recently turned to Apex Legends while streaming. While the well-respected streamer has largely enjoyed playing the battle royale, he has continued to criticize developers for keeping keyboard and mouse and controller players in the same competitive lobbies.

While streaming an Apex Legends match, shroud said that mid-range and long-range combat in the game isn't too great, stating that controller players can't "lock on" from that far.

"That's f—ed. I can't believe they still have competitions in the same... with rollies and mouse and keyboard is still together. I still can't believe that. How many more years is it going to take to segregate those two?" shroud ranted.

shroud even went on to say that both inputs should have different tournaments. His teammates said that keyboard and mouse players were playing "legit" while controller players were basically just "AI" at this point. shroud seemed amused at the comment but stayed silent.

While it sounds easy, it would be pretty difficult for Respawn Entertainment to create two separate tournaments. But it's also been hard to balance the two inputs in-game. With complaints continuing, it's possible developers will try to nerf aim assist a little bit to make both inputs feel fair, but this could also give keyboard and mouse players the advantage since they have faster and more accurate movements.

For now, the debate will rage on.

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