The Warlord is stepping back for now.

ShivFPS has announced he is stepping back from competing in Apex Legends due to his ongoing injury. The popular streamer, known as the warlord, has been battling thumb tendonitis for multiple years.

He has been fighting through the pain to pursue his love of competition, but sadly has come to the conclusion that the pain is simply too much to fight through anymore.

The Apex Warlords made a poor start to the Split 2 of the ALGS Pro League. ShivFPS, alongside Gxnjy and Xerrifer, sit in 27th overall after their first two gamedays. The pair will continue to compete together and are seeking a new third player.

Injury forces ShivFPS to step away from competitive

Speaking to in January ShivFPS outlined just how serious his injury issues have been. He explained that "I've honestly been fighting through this for two years, I would say. I've had this for quite a long time now. Way too long."

However, his love and passion for competitive was a major driving factor behind his decision to return. Shiv has battled through the pain all year, across Pro League Split 1 and then the ALGS Pro League qualifier.

"I love competing. It's literally all I have at this point. I mean, okay, sure, I'm a content creator, but I also love playing comp. It means everything to me."

Sadly, it seems that continuing to compete is a bridge too far for the warlord at this point. ShivFPS knows that the only way to finally overcome his Thumb Tendonitis injury is to properly rest. He previously explained how stubbornness was keeping him from taking the time away that he knew he needed.

No hands setup may return for ShivFPS

ShivFPS has previously streamed and played with a hands free setup. In order for him to keep streaming and maintain his livelihood we're likely to see this return. He previously explained that he enjoyed the challenge of trying to climb the ranks using this alternate setup.

No doubt, with the bucket list entry of playing at a LAN yet checked off for the Warlord, we will see him compete again in the future. No doubt the well wishes of the entire Apex Legends community are with ShivFPS as he seeks to fully recover from his injury.

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