RamBeau is back from his brief retirement, and will be joining up with DarkZero for the remainder of the Pro League.

RamBeau is officially coming out of retirement and returning to Apex Legends competitive. Just weeks after Beau "RamBeau" Sheidy announced his retirement, he is back and joining up with DarkZero.

The 26-year-old joins one of the most successful teams in Apex Legends history. First as Reignite, then DarkZero, the Aussie squad won back to back LAN titles. This is the first roster change since the squad relocated from Australia to compete in the North American region.

esports.gg spoke exclusively to RamBeau about why he has decided to come out of retirement and join up with DarkZero.

DarkZero offer too good to refuse for Rambeau

Rambeau had been considering retirement for some time. His passion was reignited by a stellar performance at the ALGS Championship with GMT, followed by a strong ALGS Pro League Split with The Guard. In an interview with Sentinels, RKN confirmed that Rambeau had been considering stepping back for some time. He officially retired just over two weeks ago.

RamBeau with GMT (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
RamBeau with GMT (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Speaking to esports.gg, and then confirming with a Twitlongr, RamBeau explained why he has chosen to return to competition so soon.

"I had no plans to return whatsoever"

"So after I announced my retirement I genuinely had no set plans to return whatsoever. I was just gonna play for fun and take care of IRL issues. It was a hectic month leading up to my announcement. I had a death in the family, and I had other family complications. Was going through a lot mentally."

RamBeau with The Guard (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
RamBeau with The Guard (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Contrary to criticism on Reddit, Rambeau revealed that DarkZero approached him and the offer was simply too good to refuse.

"About a week and a half after retirement, DarkZero hit me up to play with them. I talked it over with my mom and we both agreed that it would be stupid to not take this offer. It would’ve taken something extremely special to even consider coming out of retirement and I got it pretty quickly after retiring."

When asked why DarkZero were such an attractive opportunity, Rambeau was simple in his response.

"It’s pretty hard to not want to play with the two time LAN champs! An offer I couldn’t pass up. I have still got a lot left in the tank and consider myself one of the best in the world. Might as well take advantage of it!"

DarkZero win the ALGS Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
DarkZero win the ALGS Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Sharky set to sit out upcoming Pro League matches

RamBeau is set to replace Sharky on the DarkZero roster. It is not yet clear if RamBeau will be filling in beyond the end of this Pro League split, and if Sharky is simply taking a break or will be stepping down from the roster entirely.

There is an added complication in this roster change. The original DarkZero squad moved across the world to compete together, and depending on the circumstances of the change, this could be a factor on how this roster shuffle, if it is permeant, is approached.

DarkZero on course for Playoff LAN

RamBeau joins a DarkZero roster who are in a strong spot ahead of the second half of the ALGS Pro League. DZ currently sit in fifth overall, comfortably inside the top ten spaces for LAN qualification. They also have a "game in hand" over four of the five teams above them. They could move as high as second with a strong performance on Sunday. Their LAN spot is by no means fully secured yet, but the situation is firmly in the rosters hands.

RamBeau is a fan favourite, and excels in front of a live audience (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
RamBeau is a fan favourite, and excels in front of a live audience (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

DarkZero's incredible record at LAN will give RamBeau great confidence that he could land his first major championship win in London in July.

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