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RamBeau announces retirement from Apex Legends

North American Apex Legends pro RamBeau announces retirement from competitive play after 3 years. Read about the beloved player’s decision here.

Sentinels' Apex Legends player, Beau "RamBeau" Sheidy, announced his retirement from professional play on March 28. The player cited a lack of love for the competitive scene and a desire to focus on other opportunities in life. He has been an integral part of the North American Apex Legends esports scene for three years, playing for five different organizations. This included Flash Point, XSET, Torrent, The Guard, and Sentinels.

RamBeau started playing competitively in Apex Legends in 2020. He achieved success in community tournaments, including a first-place finish in the 2021 NSG Championship. RamBeau joined XSET in October 2021, then moved to Torrent for the ALGS Pro League. There he found success with team captain Cole "Rkn" Prommel, finishing fifth in the 2022 Split One Playoffs and achieving multiple first-place finishes in other tournaments.

Image Via ALGS/@joebradyphoto
Image Via ALGS/@joebradyphoto

Shines as Emergency Substitute for GMT

After Torrent failed to qualify for the 2021-22 Championship, RamBeau was selected as an emergency substitute for EMEA's GMT Esports. Despite a rocky start in the group stage, GMT made their way through the losers bracket to a fifth-place finish in the grand finals, including a round-one win thanks to RamBeau's performance in the final ring.

RamBeau then signed with The Guard, where he had domestic success with multiple individual match-day wins. They also secured a third-place overall finish in the NA Pro League, earning a spot at the London LAN. He had his best split yet, tied for first in individual kills for the region, matching TSM's ImperialHal at 86 kills over the regular season. The roster was picked up by Sentinels, and the team retained its spot in the NA Pro League for Split Two.

RamBeau's retirement comes at a difficult time for Sentinels, as they currently sit in 17th place in North America after five days of competition. This currently places them outside the qualification spots for the Split Two Playoffs. They will still have a chance to qualify by winning the Pro League's regional final. But they must accomplish this while fielding a new third player. The team has until their next match on April 16 to find a replacement for RamBeau.

RamBeau to continue streaming despite Retirement

Despite retiring from competitive play, RamBeau plans to continue streaming and playing Apex Legends. He has been a fan favourite throughout his career, known for his skill as one of the best controller players in the region and his entertaining personality.

RamBeau's retirement is a reminder that esports athletes are humans. They are not immune to the challenges and difficulties of life outside of gaming. It also highlights the importance of taking care of oneself and pursuing happiness. Even if it means stepping away from something as significant as a professional esports career. Fans will undoubtedly miss RamBeau's presence in the competitive scene, but they can continue to support him in his future endeavours.

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