Orgless and Hungry bounce back with big Pro League victory cover image

Orgless and Hungry bounce back with big Pro League victory

Orgless and Hungry ran away with todays Pro League lobby.

Orgless and Hungry bounced back from a slow performance yesterday, to win the days EMEA Pro League games. The win puts Orgless and Hungry right on the cusp of being guaranteed a spot at the Split 1 Playoffs later in Spring.

This Orgless and Hungry performance shakes off any doubts in the mind of the roster. They didn't reach expectations yesterday, but seem to have found their groove with Tyler back on the team.

Orgless and Hungry on cusp of LAN

Today's victory see's Orgless and Hungry move to within touching distance of a spot at the Split 1 Playoffs. About 90 points should be enough to book your spot at the first LAN event of ALGS Year 4. Tyler, Matafe and KIND4 are now at 87 points.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

There was a little seed of doubt planted about this roster, after their performance yesterday. That was their first performance in Season 20 and their first performance with Tyler. Another slow performance today might have suggested that either the new roster or the new meta was causing issues for Orgless and Hungry.

However, their dominance today firmly puts any doubts to rest. This felt exactly like the Matafe and Tyler combination that saw then Vexed Gaming take a second and third place in EMEA Pro League splits last year.

In yesterday's games Orgless and Hungry never survived to even the top ten of a single lobby. Yet, the potential was clearly there with some strong early kill totals in games. Today, they navigated the mid game much better and ran away with the lobby.

Orgless and Hungry drop 30 kills in two games

It was in games three and four that Orgless and Hungry really found their stride. Tyler, Matafe and KIND4 put together back to back 15 kill wins. They took one win on each map, further showing their flexibility.

What has been really impressive is the way that Tyler and KIND4 have built fighting chemistry together in a short period of time. MaTafe might have taken his fair share of banter from the ALGS community, but there is very few players who know how to guide two controller fraggers around the map.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Tyler and KIND4 were able to work really well together in order to execute fights on their own, with MaTafe guarding their position. This helped them take out 40%Worse in their Storm Point win. After getting a Kraber knock, MaTafe then held space across the open zone, trusting his teammates to handle a short handed 40%Worse without him.

Orgless and Hungry chose to stick with their Lifeline pick. She allows for good resets, and her Care Package can provide an Evo Cache as well as care package weapons. Holding their nerve after yesterdays performance seems to have really paid off for this roster.

While this roster has much to prove at LAN, it seems that Matafe's excellent record in online events is set to continue.

The day's top five:

  • Orgless and Hungry - 91
  • Passion - 70
  • 2R1C - 53
  • Alliance - 51
  • The Full English - 44

Alliance continue to improve

It was another improved performance from Alliance, who keep finding the results they need to qualify for LAN. The former EMEA Pro League champions made a slow start to the split, but have had a solid weekend.

They finished fourth today, just like they did yesterday. While they still have plenty of work to do, Alliance have managed to steady the ship. They look good since adding Unlucky to the roster. He was able to outfrag Effect today, and is pulling his weight in fights.

This gives a great balance to the Alliance roster. Previously, there was a lot of expectation on Effect to carry the bulk of their fights. Of course, being as talented as he is, this is something he did very often. However, now they have two outlets for pure fragging. This allows Hakis to really focus on strategy and anchoring the teams position to keep them safe.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

There is clearly extra room for Alliance to improve. Unlucky is still settling into the roster, and Alliance are still settling into Season 20. But, the very real chance that Alliance might miss out on the Split 1 Playoffs seems to have reduced drastically if they maintain this level of performance.