o7 are BACK.

o7 recovered from a really poor ALGS Pro League performance last weekend, winning the third match day of the second split. Gnaske took to X to express his disappointment about last weekends showing, and the side have successfully bounced back in the best possible way.

They finished 18th last weekend, failing to even make the top ten in a single game across the series.

o7 make a big ALGS comeback

When Gnaske posted online sharing his unfiltered thoughts about their 18th place showing, it was clear that the side was determined to improve before their next performance.

It was an uncharacteristic ALGS performance from o7. We've seen Gnaske and co make slow starts to match days, but they have bounced back time and time again. This time, their famous recovery had to wait a week. But, for o7 fans, this was worth the wait.

o7 were on fire today, their characteristic fun and energy felt like it had a bit more focus behind it. They fought incredibly well as a unit, with Zaine dropping a whopping 16 kills in the six games.

Gnaske inspires in tight endgame

It was the IGL Gnaske who perhaps pulled off the best performance of the day, in the second game of the series. He found himself last alive in the final circle. In the final stages of an ALGS game, every few seconds you can survive yields more and more placement points.

With some outstanding movement, Gnaske was able to bob and weave his way to a top three finish. He was also able to add to o7's already strong kill haul, making this a very strong game. Perhaps most importantly, this helped shape the tone for o7's day.

They had made a slow start, picking up just two points. Gnaske's marvellous display and the teams overall strong 17 kill total felt like a turning point for this team. Confidence was flowing, and o7 went on to perform strongly in all subsequent games.

This included back to back second places on Storm Point. o7 weren't quite able to turn an end game into a win today. However, their strong kill totals in every game meant they weren't able to be caught by any of their rivals.

o7 lead EMEA's ALGS top five:

  • o7 - 70
  • DANISH - 53
  • Passion - 52
  • EXO Clan - 46
  • Alliance - 41

Danish also impress

Alongside o7, Danish also played very well in this weeks EMEA ALGS action. This side, who struggled in ALGS Split 1, were able to grab two wins across the six games.

The trio of YungHongKong, Friqz and Sherb are part of a pack of EMEA teams that are a bit of an unknown quantity. They have been close to LAN before, but they have also been relegated from the Pro League as well.

For these teams, confidence can be key. Like we saw with Made In Heaven in Split 1, teams can surprise us and having the momentum can make the difference with your decision making. Being confident, being on the front foot and taking fights is a hugely powerful thing to do in Apex, and Danish will look to carry momentum over into next weekend. Like o7, Danish are a team to watch as the ALGS Pro League continues.

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