Multiview is coming to Apex Legends for this weekends Playoffs. There is also the return of Twitch Drops for viewers watching the broadcast. However, some players are concerned that they can’t hide tactics from their opponents.

Apex announced that this weekend's Apex ALGS Playoffs in the EMEA and NA regions will be the first ever to feature multiview. They also announced that the highly popular Twitch Drops are back. This means that viewers will be rewarded with items in game.

It is hoped that if multiview proves popular, it will be rolled out to other regions.

All Apex ALGS teams to be available on Multiview

The new Multiview means that for the first time ever, all teams points of view will be available to viewers. Usually full perspectives are only available from teams who choose to stream their own perspectives. This often leaves fans wishing they could watch their favourite team more, with the main broadcast only showing teams for a short time.

Additionally, viewers can choose from the comms from the team they are watching or the commentary provided from the broadcast.

Players concerned about tactics leaking in Apex ALGS multiview

Most of the teams that do not choose to stream do so in order to hide their comms, strategies and rotates from other teams. While delays prevent live stream sniping, teams do study each other between tournaments and look for any possible advantages they can gain.

However, as all teams are being broadcast, there is no advantage for any particular team. Further, if this was a LAN event as originally planned, all perspectives would be visible also.

Apex ALGS Multiview an example of balance between players and viewers

This weekend's Apex ALGS broadcast will be a big improvement for viewers. This improvement will, over time, help to grow viewership for the game. While it is understandable that players may be worried about teams learning their hidden strategies, viewers are key.

If Apex as an esport grows, that is good news for the players. It is not easy to balance competitive integrity and viewer engagement. But, there is no doubt that this specific change is a big improvement for viewers and overall improves the esport.

Twitch Drops are back!

There is also a return this weekend for the popular Twitch Drops.

Featured this weekend are a Prowler skin, a gun charm, a holo spray and a Bloodhound skin.

In order to earn the rewards, viewers must have a linked Twitch account and watch the stream for a total of four hours. One reward is earned each hour, and the hours apply to both EMEA on Saturday and NA on Sunday.

The Twitch drops have been well received by the community, and the quality of items is an improvement from previous drops offered.

For full details on how to link your accounts to earn drops, click here.

Clear push towards viewer engagement

Between the Twitch Drops and the new multiview system there is a clear push towards engaging viewers. With the delay of LAN return, Apex is behind other esports. It is positive for the scene that the Apex ALGS team are actively working to grow the scene. It will be interesting to see what level of viewership the playoffs get this weekend in comparison to Pro League.

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