Luminosity Gaming triggered a chaotic drop spot roulette on Worlds Edge as the ALGS Pro League reaches its conclusion

Luminosity Gaming triggered a chaotic Worlds Edge as teams chased each other around the map, changing drops each game. They managed to avoid an attempted grief by OpTic Gaming and keep their chances of qualifying for LAN alive.

Elsewhere, XSET picked up yet another ALGS Pro League victory. XSET are having one of the most consistent Pro League splits in ALGS history, and XSET victories are quickly becoming the standard level of performance.

Luminosity Gaming trigger drop spot roulette

As the ALGS Pro League reaches its final stages, focus grows on planning for the LAN Playoffs. Teams who are comfortably inside qualification have the wiggle room to start to try and focus their efforts on clearing drop spots for LAN.

Avoiding contesting in a major tournament can be a worthwhile investment, and teams usually always drop in the same location so it is easy to know who is who.

Luminosity Jaguares (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Luminosity Jaguares (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

On Storm Point, OpTic Gaming switched their drop spot to Fish Farms to target Luminosity Gaming. OpTic and LG have been locked in a tough battle for Lava City and Big Maude on Worlds Edge. OpTic are safely qualified for LAN, while Luminosity Gaming have ground to make up.

The Lava Siphon conundrum

On Worlds Edge, Luminosity chose not to fight OpTic, and switched spots to Lava Siphon. But, Lava Siphon was not free and empty. Instead, Luminosity found themselves fighting two time LAN champions, DarkZero.

The plot gets thicker though, in this particular group match up Oxygen Gaming had been landing at Lava Siphon. Reportedly they had made an agreement with DZ to swap drop spots. OpTic Gaming then sprinted at Lava Siphon to clean up the contest

Twitter was awash with theories about exactly how this merry-go round took place.

It seems that perhaps Luminosity Gaming fancied their chances against Oxygen Gaming, because they then dropped on them in Fragment in the second Worlds Edge game. This caused Oxygen to move and fight Drop In Gaming in the final game.

Luminosity Yanya (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Luminosity Yanya (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Confused? So were several competitors. Changing drop spots on the fly is incredibly unusual, and for so many teams to dance around the map is something more akin to the Challenger Circuit than the ALGS Pro League.

Luminosity Gaming find much needed points

Despite all of these antics, Luminosity Gaming managed to post a solid set of games. They finished eighth on the day, and have moved up to 15th in the overall standings. LG still have work to do, but are part of the Group C who have games in hand over the rest of the region. However, they will be heartened by their performance in the face of such adversity.

Luminosity will potentially continue to be targeted by OpTic Gaming when the sides meet again, and could find the Regional Finals a struggle should they become even more of a target.

Several complaints about audio issues

Multiple players took to Twitter to complain about ongoing audio issues impacting their ALGS Pro League matches. A serious bug, where weapons have no audio or tracers, has evaded Respawn developers for some time. Multiple patches have been released since the issue first occurred, but the issue has not yet been resolved.

NRG Sweet has been very vocal about the current bugs in Apex Legends (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
NRG Sweet has been very vocal about the current bugs in Apex Legends (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Frustration has been growing amongst pro players, with a one week suspension having no real impact on the game. While some other issues have been resolved, they have been far less impactful on the overall game.

This frustration has been amplified by the discontinuation of the ALGS specific game build. The first Pro League split had players competing on a separate version of Apex, allowing patches to be rolled back if it was not stable enough for pro play. understands that this build was dropped after the staff responsible for the build were let go as part of a range of EA layoffs.

It is unclear if ALGS would have allowed the game to be played on a totally different season to the main game, but certainly having the option would have allowed them to quickly address the concerns expressed by players week on week.

Current NA ALGS Pro League top 10

  • OpTic Gaming - 85
  • XSET - 85
  • DarkZero - 81
  • FaZe - 72
  • 100 Thieves - 69
  • Meat Lovers - 68
  • Complexity - 67
  • WildCard - 65
  • NRG - 62
  • Furia - 61

Watching on, TSM will be disheartened by the days results. They needed several favours in order to improve their chances of direct qualification. Instead, they face a ten point gap and have played the maximum 5 match days so far. Furia, in tenth, have only played four match days.

For full ALGS Pro League results, check out our ALGS Score hub here.

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