Just one point in it.

Spacestation Gaming's impressive Worlds Edge display saw them take victory in the second day of the North American ALGS Pro League.

Team Falcons, who won yesterdays action, pushed them all the way. In the end, the gap between the two teams was just a single point.

Spacestation Gaming seem to be performing very strongly so far this split. Their fighting chemistry is evident, and their firepower sets them apart as a major contender this split.

Skyhook zones give Spacestation Gaming a big advantage.

Spacestation Gaming took full advantage of two Skyhook zones, something that has become a common feature of the ALGS so far. SSG, who landed in Skyhook themselves, were able to capitalise on this gift from the ALGS gods.

It is one thing being gifted a zone, but another to win it. The fact that SSG were able to win one Skyhook game and perform very well in the other is impressive.

However, Spacestation Gaming will also point to their opening match win as well. While Overlook is not a bad zone for a Skyhook team, their success today cannot be written off as getting handed easy zones. SSG fought incredibly well in the final circle of the opening game. A very well timed Bloodhound scan, combined with the knowledge that a single Cloud9 member was trapped down below, helped them steal the advantage over NRG.

Big play from Xynew helps secure Spacestation Gaming's victory

SSG did struggle a little bit on Storm Point. Despite landing at the strong POI of Lightning Rod, they got the opposite dose of luck with zones either pretty far south or very far south across the three games on Storm Point.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

A healthy dose of inspiration from Xynew helped them scrape together the points they needed to hold off the likes of Oblivion, Falcons and Team Liquid. Left last alive, he bobbed and weaved around a barrage of 'nades and bullets.

He then stood his ground and held his own to snag a few extra points that proved the crucial difference. Had he not got that kill, Spacestation Gaming would have been passed by Team Falcons.

Top five:

  • SSG - 59
  • Team Falcons - 58
  • Oblivion - 50
  • Liquid Alienwear - 49
  • Vanity - 44

Team Falcons fall just shy of back to back wins

Team Falcons, fresh off their debut win, had somewhat of a comeback today. IGL Zer0 declared yesterday that anything other than a win is a disappointment. That high bar added to the already high pressure on this roster.

They were not at their absolute maximum today, but as always rallied to almost steal the win away from Spacestation Gaming. They cleaned up a chaotic Ceto Station ending in match 6, racking up 22 points in the process.

While they will be disappointed to miss out by a single point, a first then second is a very impressive start for Team Falcons. They sit in first place overall as it stands. Doubtless, Falcons will hope to remain there for the rest of the split.

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