Apex Legends viewership is down and TSM’s ImperialHal suggests implementing a Fortnite feature could improve it.

Apex Legends isn't enjoying a great Season 18 in regards to stream viewership. Overall viewership has dwindled on streaming platforms in August and has generally been lower than average over the last quarter. ImperialHal of TSM recently weighed in on the game's issues and suggested a Fortnite feature could make Apex Legends popular again.

Source: TwitchTracker | Apex Legends viewership on Twitch has been dwindling since June
Source: TwitchTracker | Apex Legends viewership on Twitch has been dwindling since June

The developers introduced plenty of changes to the game, especially to the ranked system. This includes a completely reworked Revenant--and thus far he's enjoying a return to popularity this season.

Is this enough to turn the tide? Let's look.

ImperialHal, Apex Legends, and Fortnite

In the above clip ImperialHal comments that Apex Legends viewership on streaming platforms is heavily dependent on the competitive scene. As such, he believes that Apex Legends viewership would greatly benefit from a similar feature to Fortnite's cash cups.

Cash cups are in-game tournaments that run for a limited time and provide opportunities for players to earn cash rewards. These tournaments are open to all Fortnite players, giving everyone a fair chance to earn cash from playing the game. ImperialHal has suggested that a similar implementation in Apex Legends could go a long way to improve the game's viewership, among other options.

The problem with Apex Legends according to Hal

Hal discussed multiple issues in Apex Legends has hurt its viewership on streaming platforms. Among these, he highlighted the game's lack of content. According to him, Apex Legends doesn't change up the meta enough to remain interesting. His example of this is the fact that the Revenant rework is the only major meta-change in Season 18.

He brought up the problem in conversation with a developer, stating "you can't have three months of the same thing, and then the only thing you change is one character."

It'll be interesting to see whether the Apex Legends community's views resonate with Hal's on this one. With the ALGS Championship just around the corner, Apex Legends is in for a spike in viewership. Hal spoke about the game's issues in-depth in his stream on August 20.

Some of Hal's points are accurate. For instance, The last new Legend in Apex Legends was added in Season 16, two seasons ago.

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