In conversation with Falloutt during his Apex After Hours show, ImperialHal and Snip3down criticized Rambeau’s decision to join DarkZero immediately after announcing his retirement from professional Apex Legends.

Beau "RamBeau" Sheidy made a sensational return to Professional Apex Legends with DarkZero Gaming after announcing his retirement. A move that caught everyone in the community by surprise has garnered some criticism.

As part of Falloutt's Apex After Hours show, ImperialHal and Snip3down had some interesting opinions on Rambeau's retirement and subsequent return to the pro-scene. While it doesn't appear to have gone down well with some pros, he did receive encouragement from Nocturnal.

ImperialHal: That's not how you treat your teammates

Hal didn't hold back when he spoke on the topic. Acknowledging that he does appreciate the vibes he gets from Rambeau, he was critical of how he treated his teammates through the situation.

"I lost a little bit of respect for him after that, because that's now how you treat your teammates. At least grow a pair and tell your teammates "I don't think I deserve to be on this team or I deserve to be on a better team." whatever it might be. Tell it how it is, you don't need to lie to their face and then join a team a week or two later. Put yourself in RKN or Keon's shoes, I would be pissed if I were them"

ImperialHal, TSM
On Rambeau joining DarkZero immediately after announcing retirement

Snip3down: The word Retire carries weight

FaZe Clan's Snip3down also chose to speak his mind on the subject, calling Rambeau out on his use of the word retirement.

"It doesn't make sense to me that you Tweet out a retirement and then have a 16-hour stream the next day. There was something else going on behind the scenes. To say that you want to retire and you need to take a step back and focus on other things, and then every single day you're playing in a tournament and doing 16-hour streams in a single-day, that doesn't match up to what you just tweeted."

Snip3down, FaZe Clan
On Rambeau's retirement Tweet

Despite Hal and Snip3down's criticism, Rambeau claims he had no plans to return

When Rambeau joined DarkZero, he stated he had no intention to return.
When Rambeau joined DarkZero, he stated he had no intention to return.

Earlier when he announced his return to Pro-Apex Legends with DarkZero, Rambeau revealed he had no plans to return. According to him, the offer from DarkZero was simply too good to refuse. Contrary to the received criticism from the community on Reddit and now from ImperialHal and Snip3down, Rambeau claimed DarkZero made an offer he simply couldn't refuse. According to him, he had plans to step down for a while, with several personal issues in his life outside Apex Legends.

Rambeau responds in "tell all" interview

Speaking with former ALGS caster Fallout, Rambeau sat down to tell his side of the story.

He acknowledged that it has "been tough" to see what people have been saying about him since his move to DarkZero was announced.

Rambeau revealed that prior to his retirement, his Grandmother had passed away, his Grandad had multiple cancer related surgeries, and his Dad was sent to rehab. As a result, this made it really tough to focus on Apex. All of these family members were on his moms side of family and she was going through a lot. Rambeau admitted that it is the "toughest thing in the world to see your Mom upset". He felt it was weighing on him personally, but also his gameplay too.

One accusation has been that Rambeau streamed for 16 hours after his retirement. This is a misconception. Rambeau also went on to clarify that he was only retiring from Competitive, not the game entirely. He still planned to grind the new Realm league, which would act as a getaway from his personal problems.

"I hate myself for the way I handled the situation"

Further into his one on one with Fallout, Rambeau admitted he regrets how he handled this situation. He told Fallout, "I did not handle the situation really well at all. I don't regret making the decision, I regret how I handled it." adding that "I should have messaged RKN and Keon right away when I started playing with DarkZero". He thinks that they probably found out through scrim lobbies. Beau admitted that this is not the ideal way for this news to break.

Rambeau was very honest about his mistakes, he admitted that "I hate myself for the way I handled the situation".

Another common criticism is that this was all a premeditated ruse to escape his Sentinels contract and join DarkZero for free. Rambeau shared that his Sentinels contract was very lucrative, and he is not signed at all with DarkZero as things stand.

Rambeau also admitted that the Realm League helped restore some passion. Countless Apex pros have expressed displeasure with the games health and eco system, and Realm has given a new outlet for top players to perform.

Finally, when pressed on how this opportunity aligns with his personal struggles, Rambeau admitted he had to consult with his Mom. Rambeau and his Mom are known for their incredibly close relationship. He shared that she encouraged him to go for the decision. She told him that he would "be stupid not to take this opportunity".

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