iitzTimmy in pole position for ALGS Championship spot cover image

iitzTimmy in pole position for ALGS Championship spot

iitzTimmy is on the verge of an ALGS LAN debut.

Huge streamer iitzTimmy is in pole position for a spot at the ALGS Championship after a jaw dropping Winners Bracket performance saw them post 137 points. Undoubtedly, one of the best ALGS iitzTimmy showings in history.

Teaming with Dezignful and Enemy, iitzTimmy had more than double the points of the nearest team.

They will start finals with the maximum ten advanced points. However, the ALGS LCQ format uses match point and only two teams will secure their spot at LAN. Another vintage ALGS iitzTimmy performance will be required to seal the deal.

The best ever ALGS iitzTimmy clutch?

Perhaps the most scintillating moment came in the final game of the Winners Bracket. Having already fought The Crypt inside Countdown, Dojo were third partied by Stallions. Stallions are one of the strongest teams in the lobby, and all have Pro League experience.

Yet, iitzTimmy was still able to 1v3 the entire team crowning off what was an absolutely outrageous overall performance.

Huge start set Dojo on the right path

They say start as you mean to go on, and this ALGS iitzTimmy performance followed that to the letter. They almost secured a top ten finish in a single game. Racking up 17 kills, Dojo earned 28 points in the opening game of the days ALGS action. Passion was running high all day.

However, that wasn't even their best performance. They were able to better that score in the fourth game, with a 21 kill 33 point victory to round out Storm Point.

To put their Storm Point showing into perspective, Dojo would have comfortably won the lobby on just those first four games alone. They dropped a huge 94 points on the map.

Can iitzTimmy make ALGS LAN?

The question now is will tomorrow bring another iconic ALGS iitzTimmy performance. Certainly confidence will be high, but so will the pressure. Match Point format is high intensity, and the standard will go up another notch with an ALGS Championship spot on the line.

ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (Image via Electronic Arts)
ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (Image via Electronic Arts)

However, the scale of Dojos victory today was so impressive that it would be hard not to consider them clear favourites. They have Pro League experience and fighting flair. Even if they struggle to close out a win once they reach that 50 point threshold, they can still secure a LAN spot by having the most overall points.

It might finally be time for the long awaited ALGS iitzTimmy LAN debut.

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