Huge HisWattson clutch helps inspire FURIA to key victory cover image

Huge HisWattson clutch helps inspire FURIA to key victory

FURIA take a HUGE step towards LAN.

FURIA bounced back with a fantastic ALGS Pro League victory. The days action saw strong performances by teams who needed them most. GKS, Disguised and XSET all joined FURIA in hugely improving their LAN chances.

The North America ALGS Pro League now just has one more gameday left to play, with a Regional Finals to come next Sunday. The region will send 12 teams to the Split 1 Playoffs, and there are several teams in the mix to qualify.

FURIA get a crucial victory

The pressure was on FURIA heading into the day's ALGS matches. They severely hurt their LAN chances with a terrible performance last week, earning just a single point towards the overall standings. This hugely increased the work they had to do today and in the upcoming Regional Finals to secure a LAN spot.

However, they absolutely rose to the occasion today. FURIA were great value for their victory today. From outstanding zone calls to huge clutch moments, Madness, Keon and HisWattson brought their absolute best across the six games.

HisWattson's huge clutch might send FURIA to LAN

Should FURIA secure their spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, a huge solo play by HisWattson might just be the reason why.

In a chaotic final circle, FURIA had a good spot. They were one of a few teams to find themselves in CETO Station early. Most teams predicted a Checkpoint zone, but as is often the case, the zone algorithm had other ideas.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, FURIA had to leap into the open water as the final circle closed. N9ne Lies started a chaotic battle, by jumping onto TSM. That left FURIA having to fight both DNO and the remains of N9ne Lies at the same time.

HisWattson held his nerve, and was able to take advantage of both opposition teams fighting each other to clutch up a victory. His initial kill in the knockdowns was a massive moment in FURIA's season, and the experienced competitor stayed calm to take advantage of a messy game.

FURIA in good position to secure LAN qualification


  • FURIA - 67
  • Disguised - 60
  • Moist - 45
  • GKS - 43
  • XSET - 41

XSET salvage LAN chances

XSET were another team with some major work to do to qualify for LAN. Projection models had them with a less than 40% chance of qualification. However, they did have the advantage of playing both times this weekend.

With just one game left to go today, XSET's chances at LAN seemed to be getting slimmer. They sat in 15th, having had another difficult set of games. Quality always tells though, and this XSET side is too talented to disappear meekly.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

They needed a huge final game, and they delivered. XSET managed to snag their first win of the entire ALGS split to jump all the way up to 5th in the days overall standings. With another day to play, and then the Regional Finals, this gives XSET a much better shot at securing their spot at LAN.

XSET still have work to do, but the confidence this final game will have given them could prove to be even more valuable than the points they earned.

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