How much does the Apex Legends Universal Heirloom cost? cover image

How much does the Apex Legends Universal Heirloom cost?

Prepare your wallets.

The Apex Legends Shadow Society event brings the second Apex Legends Universal Heirloom to the game. The Cobalt Katar joins the Buster Sword as a heirloom not tied to any specific legend.

This Collection Event follows the same format as that Final Fantasy collaboration with items locked behind packs and no way to select specific skins that you want.

Apex Legends Universal Heirloom Cost:

While the way to unlock the Apex Legends Universal Heirloom is the same as the Final Fantasy Buster Sword, so is the cost. Almost.

This event does not have an event store, where you can buy specific skins or choose to craft one specific skin only. That means, unless you get really lucky, you could end up buying a lot of skins to chase your favourite.

You also don't get a guaranteed free pack this time. But, there is one you can earn during the event.

The total cost of unlocking the Apex Legends Universal Heirloom is 29,500 coins. You could get very lucky (<1% chance) and pull the Cobalt Katar out of an event pack before you buy the whole event.

Again like the Final Fantasy event, unlocking all 36 cosmetics will also reward you with the Cobalt Death Box. Unlike the Cobalt Katar, this cannot be unlocked at random and will only be made available if you purchase the whole event.

Why can't I craft Shadow Society event skins?

For most Apex collection events, players have been able to craft event skins, or directly purchase them with Apex coins. These were always significantly worse value than buying packs but allowed you to target one or two skins specifically in an event.

However, the Shadow Society event to unlock the Apex Legends Universal Heirloom does not have this option. There is no way to craft (or purchase) any single skin in this collection event.

Your Crafting Metals are not worthless however. You can craft each of the packs needed to acquire the Cobalt Katar. But, you don't know what you will get. With each pack costing 1650 Crafting Metals, that cold be a very expensive Holo Spray.

The entire event would cost 59,400 Crafting Metals to complete. Yowch.

This makes the Apex Legends Universal Heirloom the most expensive heirloom in Apex Legends history. But, with it having much more utility than a single legend heirloom, there is an argument that even despite the hefty price tag it is reasonable value for money. Maybe, only when compared to other heirlooms in the game.

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