HisWattson donates thousands to help people go to ALGS LAN cover image

HisWattson donates thousands to help people go to ALGS LAN

HisWattson shows his generosity to the Apex community.

Apex streamer and professional player Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin has donated thousands of dollars to people who didn't have the money to attend the upcoming ALGS Split 1 Playoffs.

The ALGS Split 1 Playoffs will be held in Los Angeles, during the first weekend of May. The announcement came only last weekend, giving fans limited time to organise their trip. Accomodation in the city is expensive, and that has priced some fans out of a trip.

HisWattson responds to crowdfunding criticism

Several community members had shared crowdfunding goals to help fund their trip to LAN. Trips are costing thousands of dollars, and even some sizable streamers were asking their communities for help. LAN is an amazing experience for Apex fans. to meet lifelong friends and hang out with the rest of the community.

HisWattson's intervention came after some of these individuals were getting criticism for their crowdfunding. Several other streamers spoke out, defending those with a target.

In response to Draynilla's tweet that called out this criticism, HisWattson asked to know who they were making fun of for having a donation goal to attend LAN.

To follow up, HisWattson put out a general call asking to hear from anyone who'd faced a backlash for having a donation goal.

That means that those who chose to hate people with a goal, are now the reason why they might have their target met.

Streamers overwhelmed at having LAN trip paid for

In the replies to his tweet, HisWattson showed clips of several streamers reactions to his donations.

GuhRL was taken aback by a donation of over $2000. This finished out her $5000 goal meaning she will be able to attend the event in May. Although, her teammates were quick to remind her she was in a ranked game. They asked her to cry after they won the match.

The FURIA professional player also expanded his generosity. Streamers with donation goals to attend events like TwitchCon also received sizeable sums. Donations have even included people who are struggling to make ends meet with rent and food costs.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

As of writing, HisWattson is still seeking out streamers and community members who have goals to be filled. It's unclear exactly how many people he will donate too, but this is already an incredible act of generosity towards the Apex Legends community.

The ALGS Split 1 Playoffs start on May 2, for full details on the event see here.

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