Furia’s HisWattson stirred the pot with a poorly worded dig at the Apex Legends Security Team on Twitter.

When it comes to talent, Furia's HisWattson has it in spades. One of the best players in the competitive Apex Legends scene after his team took the ALGS Championship by storm with their aggressive, renegade approach. He's also quite talented at stirring the pot on Social Media. The Apex Legends community considers him as an impression farmer that frequently tweets controversially to get attention. HisWattson recently faced backlash for an insensitively worded tweet aimed at the Apex Legends Security Team.

To his apparent surprise, the game developers get the weekend off and that prevents them from solving his issue over the weekend. Quite the first-world problem then, but he couldn't stream over the weekend because of his issue.

HisWattson's Dig at the Apex Legends Security Team

The Apex Legends Pro has been facing problems with streaming Apex Legends over the weekend. These problems include kicked out of ranked matches with streamer mode enabled. Since streaming is his bread-and-butter, he took it up with the Apex Legends support. He received a response that the security team isn't working on weekends. This prompted a tweet complaining about his predicament, but also expressing surprise at the fact that the security team isn't available over the weekend to fix his problem.

The Developer's response

When Nokokopuffs responded to HisWattson's tweet defending the developers, he had a novel suggestion to offer. This suggestion was to have the teams work in shifts so that someone is available over the weekend.

His proposal prompted a response from @Femennenly, Sr. Game Lifecycle Manager at EA. She explained that the studio has a large group of staff that investigate large-scale issues. However, it can be difficult to be prepared for isolated issues affecting specific players.

Is HisWattson being entitled or is he right?

FURIA HisWattson at the ALGS Championships [Photo by Esports.gg]
FURIA HisWattson at the ALGS Championships [Photo by Esports.gg]

While it's understandably frustrating for a competitive Apex Player to not be able to stream, technical difficulties like these do happen and they're out of anyone's hands. He can't possibly expect the Security Team to be at his beck and call whenever an issue like this occurs. Most studios have customer service teams working in shifts to cater to players' issues over the weekend. That doesn't necessarily mean every issue can be fixed over the weekend.

The work culture at Respawn

HisWattson's tweet is a good time to bring up the work environment at Respawn Entertainment. The studio have spoken out on their refusal to crunch employees. While almost every live-service game faces similar issues to HisWattson, Apex Legends is mostly a well-maintained video game.

Especially considering the scale of its player base. The industry is seeing a push for healthier work environments for developers and Respawn is recognized among the better studios to work at. For instance, one of Respawn's employees had to finalize his daughter's adoption. The studio delayed the release of the game so that he could do so.

Should studios prioritize high-quality video games without problems? Does that entail catering to their players' every demand? No. They're human at the end of the day, like anyone else, and have lives of their own. Players should be mindful of this and realise they aren't consuming a necessity but a source of entertainment.

HisWattson's Controversial Twitter Presence

HisWattson is widely perceived by the community as a divisive figure because of his Social Media presence. He usually puts out tweets that either blow his own trumpet or are just divisive topics within the Apex Legends community. He occasionally dunks on other Apex Legends pros like ImperialHal and ends up stirring controversy. His tweets got considerable engagement from other pro-players as well as a divided fanbase. The argument that he's an impression farmer has some merit to it. Aside from his obviously excellent skills at Apex Legends, his tweets keep him in the limelight.

All said and done, HisWattson is an excellent Apex Legends player. He took the center stage at the Twitch Rivals tournament with his performances.