A hilarious bug in Apex Legends is making tridents invincible, turning games into a bumper cars battle royale.

Not even a week after a major Apex Legends LAN and players have found a hilarious new bug. This bug is turning Apex Legends into the fast, the furious, and explosions alike! Turns out, using Fuse's motherlode on a trident and then mounting it makes it invincible.

Naturally, this bug has taken off within the community, and trolls among the players are exploiting it. It often leads to Apex Legends lobbies into a trident race to the final ring. We don't know when respawn will be able to address this bug, but it looks like invincible tridents are abound in Apex Legends for now.

Fuse's ultimate is making tridents invincible in Apex Legends

Using Fuse's ultimate on a trident and driving it while it burns triggers the bug. In some cases, this bug occurs even with caustic barrels. When a bug like this appears, there's obviously going to be players who will choose to exploit it, and there appears to be plenty of them in Apex Legends right now.

In fact, ranked lobbies are full of Fuse players driving around in tridents until the final ring and grinding free RP to level up their ranks. The situation is leaving plenty of ranked players frustrated in a season that has already caused problems with ratting.

Workarounds that deal with the trident bug

While players who exploit this bug are nearly immune to gunfire, they still take damage from ordnance and legend abilities. Stack up on grenades and pick characters that deal damage. Hilariously, Fuse is perfect for this task. His passive allows him to stock up on more ordnances while all of his active abilities deal damage.

Crypto is also a great counter to these players because his EMP disables tridents, forcing players to disembark. Additionally, Caustic's barrels and ultimate plus Wattson's fences deal damage to these players. If you don't have any of these, there still is a way to deal damage, but it's much more difficult. Headshots register against invincible trident drivers, so you should aim for their heads.

World's Edge and Broken Moon don't have tridents

Another source of respite is the fact that World's Edge and Broken Moon, two of the maps currently in rotation, do not have tridents. So this bug is only ruining games on Storm Point right now. You can play when these maps are in rotation.

Update: Respawn just rolled out a patch fixing the bug

It appears Respawn took notice of the bug and quickly rolled out a patch to fix it. Thankfully, there won't be any more tridents in final rings disrupting ranked for other players.

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