Has Tom Holland been playing Apex Legends with streamers? cover image

Has Tom Holland been playing Apex Legends with streamers?

Spider Man – No Way Home star, Tom Holland has been making waves in the Apex Legends community recently by playing with top streamers. Or has he?

British actor Tom Holland has been making waves in the media lately, enjoying the spotlight from Spider-Man: No Way Home. He also plays Nathan Drake in the recently released Uncharted film. Hilariously, and rather interestingly though, he seems to have been spending a lot of time wiping out entire lobbies in Apex Legends recently with some of the game's most popular streamers.

Recent content by streamers with "Tom Holland"

Yep, you read that right. "Tom Holland" has been playing Apex with popular streamers. So what if you can play Spider-man in Fortnite?

Some of the most popular streamers like Aceu, Rogue, and ItzTimmy have been playing squads with who they claim to be Tom Holland, or as his in-game username goes, "HorizXon". In fact, these streamers have also uploaded videos on their YouTube channel titled "Apex with Tom Holland".

"Tom Holland" is quite good at Apex Legends

The streams themselves are hilarious and it looks like Tom Holland is quite good at the game! Holding his own while teamed up with players like Aceu and ItzTimmy is no small feat. He's also quite the comedian, engaging in hilarious banter with his squad, constantly talking while fighting. Really though, it's the accent and constant excitement in his voice that's hilarious.

Turns out, he also drops any semblance of political correctness when he plays Apex Legends. Such is the fast-paced and competitive nature of the game that it induces moments of gamer rage even in your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Aceu first uploaded a video entitled <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxffQjGWXmU&amp;ab_channel=aceu">Apex with Tom Holland</a> on Feb 8th. That video now has over 2 million views
Aceu first uploaded a video entitled Apex with Tom Holland on Feb 8th. That video now has over 2 million views

The player base has been bamboozled

With Holland starring in Uncharted, a film adaptation of a popular video game, followed by these Apex Legends streams, speculation was ripe among the Apex Legends player base on whether or not that is actually Tom Holland. Can't blame them for thinking he's a hardcore gamer if he's starred in a video game movie and plays Apex with the pros now, can you?

Okay, in all honesty it isn't Tom Holland in Apex Legends

You'd be forgiven for thinking the actor actually played Apex Legends, with popular musician Post Malone also joining ItzTimmy in the game. But truth be told, the person playing with Timmy is actually a pro-player that happens to sound like Tom Holland and some streamers decided it would make for some great content.

In all honesty, it's good banter. The streams were hilarious. They did take the Apex Legends community and Tom Holland fans for a ride though. It's entirely possible that the popular actor does play the game. Apex Legends is quite popular. But the player in the streams isn't him.