FaZe are UP.

FaZe Clan grabbed their first ALGS Pro League win since joining the organisation. The underdog team have had a great start to their Pro League split, and started the day in 4th overall in the region.

FaZe are one of the best stories in the ALGS as it stands. Known as Made In Heaven, they shocked the ALGS scene to qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs. An EWC spot later, and iconic organisation FaZe Clan came knocking to add the roster ahead of the huge event in Riyadh this summer.

Sinetic, Naghz and Arctic seem to be handling the pressure that comes with an organisation of this size and are playing some of their best Apex as the ALGS Pro League approaches its conclusion.

FaZe Clan heading towards ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

Todays lobby win moves FaZe Clan significantly closer to their goal of qualification for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs later this summer. FaZe have struggled at times to close out top fives, but had no such issues at all today.

They racked up a huge victory in the days second game on Storm Point. IGL Sinetic will get the plaudits for some great work with the Kraber, especially in the final fight, but the game is truly owed to Arctic.

FaZe Clan were only able to win that game thanks to the 21-year-olds excellent survival skills. FaZe Clan found themselves in a incredibly tough spot on the very edge of zone. Arctic played perfectly around a Care Package, using it as makeshift cover, to get the chance to reset.

This allowed FaZe to make the end game, Sinetic to use that Kraber to maximum impact, and helped them take first place today.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

This FaZe Clan roster really feels like a contender in the EMEA region. It is weird to think of anyone signed to FaZe Clan as underdogs, but this rosters rise through the ALGS is really remarkable. Sinetic had never appeared in the Pro League until ALGS Year 4. Now, he is quickly establishing himself as one of the best IGLs in the entire region.

Top five:

  • FaZe Clan - 60
  • Blacklist International - 51
  • GaiminGladiators - 44
  • PassionUA - 44
  • Aurora - 41

Aurora improve after Hardecki departure

Away from FaZe Clan, there was a lot of attention on Aurora in todays games. Just hours before dropping in, it was revealed that Hardecki is departing the organisation.

Aurora are almost out of time if they want to join the likes of Alliance and FaZe Clan at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. They languished down in 19th after their first four matches, and almost needed back to back wins to really sure their spot.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

They didn't quite manage that today, but did improve significantly from their last showings. ojrein in particular was on absolute fire, dropping a huge 17 kills and over 7000 damage. This was more than Wrgrub and 9impulse combined.

They took fifth today, which moves them up to 12th. However, they have played a match more than several of the teams below them. If Aurora are to make LAN, they will need both to find an extra gear and for some results to go their way.

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