FA Kids stormed to victory today.

FA Kids grabbed a much needed victory to keep a chance at an ALGS LAN spot alive as the Pro League approaches the final stages. Kyner, JSavagew and Zhidan had struggled in their last two match days, but were in fine form today.

They finished strong grabbing a game six win, having won the days opening game too. FA Kids will need to continue to perform at this level if they want to make the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. But, todays performance has certainly given them a chance.

FA Kids find their fighting form

The real standout aspect of FA Kids performance was how they fought today. This is a side with a mix of experience and flair, and we saw that on full display today. When faced with the pressure of an incredibly tight overall leaderboard, they relished the occasion and found a huge 27 point game.

Zhidan in particular was in immense form today. He dropped almost 8000 damage across the six games. He snagged 16 kills and 19 assists, meaning he was involved in over 80% of the teams 43 kills.

What this strong FA Kids performance also shows today, is just how open the EMEA Pro League is. In contrast to the first Split, where Aurora dominated week in week out, every week has been very close. FA Kids ended up with a sizable lead overall after the final game, but truthfully a handful of teams could have won after five games.

Zidhan at the espot LAN in Paris
Zidhan at the espot LAN in Paris

No one is running away with the league in EMEA yet, and as the race for LAN hots up who can maintain momentum might be the difference maker in who can grab a LAN spot.

Top five

  • FA Kids - 75
  • Alliance - 53
  • Blacklist Intl - 53
  • Danish - 48
  • EXO Clan - 37

EXO Clan drop huge 30 point game

It was a very mixed day for EXO Clan. They could only muster a single point across all three Storm Point matches. However, they dropped a "nuke" in the words of caster Onset, in the opening Worlds Edge games. Slaying over 30% of the entire lobby, they racked up a huge 30 point game. A huge kill spree as ring four closed really got EXO Clan onto the front foot.

It has been a tough split for EXO Clan. The loss of Brynn, followed by a failed roster change, has really hurt any chance of momentum. This 30 point game, and the quality of their fighting was a glimpse at the potential this team still has.

Even more impressive is that this 30 point game came in a Launch Site game, when EXO Clan had drafted Skyhook West. This is one of the hardest zones from that POI, but it did not stop EXO from dropping one of the best single games of the ALGS Split.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, EXO were prevented by really building some momentum by 'Rolling Teams.' They snuck up on EXO doing Trials in game five, eliminating KSWINNIE and Slayers in a surprise attack. Luck has not been on EXO Clans side this split, but it is as clear as ever that they have what it takes to push for a LAN spot. Their 5th place, thanks in part to FA Kids sponging a lot of points, moves them in the right direction. But, 7 points in the other 5 games will need urgent improvement.

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