EXO Clan are the big surprise of the ALGS Championships 2022, and we spoke to IGL killoposz about being underdogs and POI homeless.

EXO Clan are led by Teerachock "killoposz" Muedin. The team missed out on qualifying for the ALGS Playoffs 2 in Sweden, but head into Day 3 of the ALGS Championships in incredible shape. Despite no prior experience on LAN, EXO Clan finished the group stage in 2nd place.

We spoke to killposz just after the end of the group stage about why he loves being an underdog, how he hopes EXO Clan success might help build the Thai Apex esports community, and finally why their team is homeless.

First off is Apex Legends popular in Thailand?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "Not popular at all! (laughs) I played it since it came out. I love it because its fast, everything is fast. I can die and then quickly jump into another game."

Malystryx: Has your success so far had an impact back home?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "The Thai community is going crazy right now! In the Thai Apex Facebook group which has maybe 70,000 people in it. So many people play Apex but didn't follow the competitive scene until now."

Killoposz player profile on stage at ALGS Championships 2022
Killoposz player profile on stage at ALGS Championships 2022

Malystryx: Do you feel you're underdogs?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "We are an underdog team and I really like that. it can surprise other teams, other people are like 'who the fuck is that? Who won last game.. EXO? Who is that??'. (laughs) But we've made a lot of friends at this event, a lot of other players have come to compliment us and said we did well."

Malystryx: Have there been any teams you watched to take inspiration from?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "At first when we didn't do great at scrimming I felt quite stressed. So I would go back and watch the replay of Cloud9 and TSM to help me learn. I learned many things from those teams."

Killoposz of EXO Clan on stage at the ALGS Championships 2022
Killoposz of EXO Clan on stage at the ALGS Championships 2022

Malystryx: You clearly learned a lot, you dominated the group stage!

EXO Clan Killoposz: "I don't know why we're doing so well actually because we did so badly in scrims maybe 17th or 18th place every time. In the main event lobbies I feel its easier than the scrims. Maybe people play safer and we can play aggressive.

We also switched from Bangalore to Caustic. Two or three months ago we played Bangalore all the time. Once we get to Raleigh we realised we can't do anything with Bangalore. Once we switched to Caustic we instantly did better."

Malystryx: Is the switch because the rise of Seer?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "Seer is exactly why I can't play Bangalore (laughs). His ultimate makes smoke completely useless, so we had to change our comp."

Malystryx: What was the biggest challenge of the group stage?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "The group stage I didn't like that much because we did not get our POI, the same POI we played for a long time. If we had that our POI we would have done better, for now we are homeless! (laughs) Wherever is free we will go there.

I actually surprised myself when we are on stage, I don't feel excited or nervous in front of the crowd. My heart just feels calm. I've never been on stage before, I don't know why I'm actually confused myself. (laughs). In school I was the introverted one. Here at the ALGS I just focused on myself, if my team-mates feel nervous I will try to encourage them. If they cry, I would cry too."

"If we had that our POI we would have done better, for now we are homeless! (laughs) Wherever is free we will go there."

Killoposz reflects on their groupstage

Malystryx: Well hopefully it will be tears of joy! In terms of ALGS Champs how far do you think you will go?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "I think we need to get top 5 but my goal is 1st place for sure. I just cut my goal down to top 5 to make it a little more achievable. If we reached match point in the Finals I think I might cry.

I think the Apex community in Thai will explode. They don't really watch the Apex esports scene, if we won this then maybe more people would starting following. That's what I hope."

Malystryx: Are your family back home watching?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "Yes! My Dad, brother and sister are watching. They sent me many messages like 'you do so good so good!' and 'do you need more money? have you had food?!'."

Any words to new or potential EXO Clan fans?

EXO Clan Killoposz: "I think if the fans like underdog teams, hopefully they can support us (laughs)."

You can find and follow EXO Clan on Twitter.