Element 6 make ideal start to ALGS EMEA Pro League cover image

Element 6 make ideal start to ALGS EMEA Pro League

The Pro League is back, and so are Element 6.

Element 6 proved why they are the top seeds in the ALGS EMEA Pro League as they won the opening day of the league's return. They saw off strong performances by ANC Outplayed and Orgless and Hungry, giving them a dream start to their campaign.

The ALGS Pro League finally returned after a long 4 month break. Teams are competing in a triple round robin format for a share of $250,000 and a spot at the Split 1 Playoffs.

Element 6 show up when it matters

ALGS fans may have been forgiven for not having Element 6 at the forefront of their minds before the day's ALGS action began. Despite being the number one EMEA seed, they had struggled in preparation for the event.

Like many teams, Element 6 made roster changes during the off season. They added Slab and Cjracked to their roster replacing Tyler and Slayers.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

KSWINNIIE took to social media to fire himself up, and remind fans he has never missed an ALGS LAN despite their recent struggles.

This produced an instant reaction, with Element 6 dropping almost 100 points in their last scrim set before today's matches. Momentum is often important, and Element 6 seemed unstoppable at times during the day's games.

Element 6 are at their best when they are being aggressive and getting on the front foot. They did that fantastically today, dropping 28 kills across games two to four. KSWINNIIE himself was in fine form. His work with the Kraber today showed just how confident the Frenchman is in his abilities.

They all but secured their win by eliminating closest rivals 'o7' in the final game of the day. Both aNc Outplayed and Orgless and Hungry pushed for a victory, but the gap was just too great to close.

Element 6 using Bloodhound

Element 6 are one of the handful of teams who have introduced Bloodhound into their composition.

ALGS fans may remember when almost every team ran a Bloodhound, but the recon legend fell out of fashion when Valkyrie was introduced into the game.

Now, they provide a nice synergy with Bangalore. Bloodhound's Beast of the Hunt allows them to see through smokes and all the visual clutter thrown up in fights.

Element 6 will be relieved that they are living up to their title of top seed in EMEA, and will look to extend their lead when they resume action next weekend.

Who made the top five?

  • Element 6 - 61
  • aNc Outplayed - 59
  • Orgless n Hungry - 52
  • o7 - 47
  • Sray Healthy - 43


There was a lot of attention around 40%Worse, who made their Pro League debut today. Shiv, Mande and Xerrifer are three of the most popular content creators in Europe and 40%Worse is already quickly becoming a fan favourite team.

Their opportunities to practice are limited, due to Shiv managing serious injuries to both of his thumbs. Mande is taking on an IGL role for the first time in his career, and the side made a predictably slow start to their ALGS campaign as they adapt to the Pro League.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

40%Worse improved as the day went on. They performed strongly in the fifth game of the day. In a zone close to their drop spot of Launch Site, they worked their way in to force a final three versus three fight against 'Cold'.

This, followed up with a solid fifth place in game six saw 40%Worse finish 10th on their debut.

10th is by no means a poor performance for this side. While 40%Worse will want to do a lot better in subsequent Pro League weeks, they will be pleased with their start and will turn their focus to learning and improving from the experience they gained today.