DarkZero become latest org to sign an all women Apex roster cover image

DarkZero become latest org to sign an all women Apex roster

DarkZero are joining the womens competitive scene in Apex Legends.

DarkZero have joined TSM and Luminosity in signing an all women Apex roster. They are signing the roster formerly known as LUST.

Scarlita, Renee and Samurai have been one of the most consistent teams in the women's competitive scene. DarkZero will hope to capitalise on one of the most dominant rosters in the ever-growing womens competitive scene.

TSM and DarkZero Apex rivalry gains new chapter

DarkZero will no doubt take advantage of the long running storyline between Lust and TSM in womens comp. The two rosters have been locked in an intense contest that has spanned several months.

DarkZero and TSM fans are already locked in an intense rivalry. No team has ever won an Apex Legends ALGS LAN besides these two organisations. Plenty of banter and smack-talk flies between both ALGS rosters. The new DarkZero women's Apex roster will fit right in, having gently poked fun at TSM on every occasion.

(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

DarkZero signing successful team

DarkZero are acquiring not just a team with strong story line, but a team with strong results too. Lust have been a very successful roster posting strong results in major women's events.

This includes a third place in the Her Galaxy Open, fourth in the TSM Women's Invitational and first in the Celestial Cup Sol League finals.

However, notable tournaments are still few and far between in the womens scene. The arrival of DarkZero will hopefully provide a further boost, spawning more events. The one major Her Galaxy even has since been marred by a refusal to pay prizes to competitors.

Speaking on X, Scarlita posted: "DZ wants to supports our scene similarly to Riot’s Game Changers program and I’m thrilled to be part of it and to be better in supporting a more inclusive environment."

This implies that DarkZero may be seeking to support the women's Apex competitive scene further than signing a roster. Could we be seeing DarkZero tournaments in the future?