Looking for new cosmetics? Dark Depths has over 40 collectibles for Apex Legends fans including Legendary skins.

Apex Legends players are - and definitely should be - excited about Dark Depths, an upcoming Apex event that features over 40 new cosmetics.

Dark Depths is coming to Apex Legends from January 11 to February 1. It features water-themed Legendary and Epic skins as well as Flash Events with collectibles to unlock. The stunning skins are available in the new Dark Depths packs.

The upcoming Dark Depths Apex event also welcomes Habitat, a new tranquil Apex Arena map.

Dark Depth Flash Events in Apex Legends

Flash Events have individual prize tracks each week, meaning new unique prizes and badges each week for players that complete challenges. Respawn Entertainment outlined Flash Events in their official blog post on the upcoming event.

January 11th to January 18th 

  • Key prizes include: Apex Packs, Epic Holospray, Load Screen

January 18th to January 25th

  • Key prizes include: Apex Pack, Valkyrie Epic Holospray, 1 Dark Depths Pack

January 25th to February 1st 

  • Key prizes include: Epic Revenant Holospray, Epic Alternator Skin, Epic Revenant Skin

Dark Depths introduces Dark Depth Packs to Apex Legends

Respawn introduces limited-time event-themed packs

For the first time ever, Respawn Entertainment is introducing the concept of limited-time event-themed packs. The Dark Depth Packs are 400 Apex Coins each. There will also be Event Thematic Packs that are guaranteed to never have duplicated items from the event.

While Dark Depths Packs are only available during the event itself, the items will always be available in the standard Apex Pack pool of items. But Dark Depths Packs come with the guarantee of one non-duplicate Dark Depths Thematic Event item, which is a huge perk.

Dark Depth Packs can be crafted with crafting metals. The cost of crafting metal for Dark Depths Items will possibly be reduced after two seasons.

Dark Depths Legendary and Epic skins come to Apex Legends

Here is what you have been waiting for!

Apex Legends' new Dark Depths event is jam-packed with desirable skins. After a few disappointing seasons, this is most definitely a welcomed portion of the event for many Apex Legends players.

Horizon Overfloater puts Horizon in a futuristic blue and purple suit with goggles made to dive deep underwater. It's not the coolest skin in the collection but is an improvement from Horizon's previous event skins.

Lifeline My Wave has a similar color palette, but with the support legend looking ready to take on the slopes more than the sea.

Ash Denzien of the Deep is a more organic skin, seeming to transform Ash into a deep-sea creature. Her face is especially creepy, looking like it's one with the creatures and coral found in the depths of the ocean.

Fuse's Broseidon skin is bound to be a fan-favorite. It turns the explosive-loving partier into a legend of the deep. But Fuse's version of Poseidon is a bit more relaxed, making this skin a blend of goofy and badass that players will want to unlock.

Apex gameplay might be stale but we're getting some damn fine cosmetics
Apex gameplay might be stale but we're getting some damn fine cosmetics

The Dark Depths Apex event drops on January 11th, 2022.