Complexity snatch crucial Pro League victory cover image

Complexity snatch crucial Pro League victory

A huge 39 kills.

Complexity stole a crucial Pro League victory in an incredibly tense North American lobby. They have put themselves in a fantastic position to qualify for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs with one gameday and the Regional Finals left to play.

This was by far the closest ALGS Pro League gameday we have seen all season. SSG, Native Gaming and DarkZero were all exchanging the top spot across the days games. However, it was Complexity who snuck through to take first place.

Complexity drop a 15 kill game to snatch victory

Complexity's victory is even more impressive given they were playing with a substitute. With Kimchee away, Complexity were joined by Retzi for the days games.

Heading into a tense final game it didn't seem like Complexity were in the discussion for the victory. DarkZero and Native Gaming seemed to be the two contenders to grab maximum points. There was even discussion of DarkZero grabbing an elusive bonus point, such was their dominance in the first half of the games.

However, Monsoon and his Sentinel had something to say about that. The fan-favourite OG Apex competitor snagged ten kills in the days final match. Monsoon has been in blistering form the entire split, both as a team player but as an individual too.

Monsoon // Photo EA/Joe Brady
Monsoon // Photo EA/Joe Brady

Complexity have been one of the teams finding the most success switching back to Valkyrie in ALGS. They have been sharp on their decision making, taking powerful positions and avoiding the bait of flying into positions that are too dangerous.

Monsoon admitted to the ALGS main broadcast that this success may be at risk if lots of other teams also adopt Valkyrie, but for now Complexity are on to a winning strategy for them.

Complexity grab the most kills in the lobby

Complexity were streets ahead of their competitors in terms of kills. Monsoon himself had more kills as an individual than the likes of TSM and LG, with the team racking up a massive 39 kills in total. Even more surprisingly, 31 of those 39 kills came on Storm Point. A hugely impressive three game showing by Complexity.

You might have thought that playing with a substitute would harm their fighting chemistry. One of the factors behind Complexity outperforming expectations has been the chemistry between Lou, Monsoon and Kimchee.

However, there was zero signs of any negative effects and Complexity achieve the rare feat of winning a lobby without finishing first in any of the six games.

Lou // Photo EA/Joe Brady
Lou // Photo EA/Joe Brady

Defying expectations

Harshly, Complexity were tipped as a team for relegation by many. Pre-Pro League tier lists had Complexity in “D tier”. This seems to have helped spur this roster on to silence their doubters. North America is an incredibly competitive region, and quality teams will stay home, but the chance to make LAN is now well within reach for this roster.

Complexity have launched all the way up to second in the leaderboard, above LG, TSM, SSG and others.

Top Five

  • Complexity - 56
  • DarkZero - 55
  • Native Gaming - 55
  • SSG - 53
  • Oxygen Esports - 50

OpTic continue to struggle

Elsewhere, it was another below par day for OpTic. They found themselves outside the top 12 before the days games, and couldn't even muster a top ten finish to improve their chances of making LAN.

OpTic have not felt the same since the ALGS Championship, where they took second. They appeared to struggle to adapt towards the Conduit meta, and suffered on Storm Point as a result of Ceto Station interrupting their most common rotations.

Season 20 seemed to present OpTic an opportunity. They readopted compositions that they have found previous success with, but it has not yet paid off. OpTic dropped Gibraltar after a vod review but did not see a marked improvement with Bloodhound instead.

Dropped // Photo EA/Joe Brady
Dropped // Photo EA/Joe Brady

The chances for OpTic to make the Split 1 Playoffs are reducing, but they are not zero. This team is still incredibly talented, and has immense experience. They have shown they can bounce back when needed, but an immediate reaction is needed in their final regular season games.

OpTic do not want to be left relying on a Regional Finals win to make LAN, but at the moment it seems that might be the case.