Celebrate the Holodays with Apex’s new Festive Frenzy sale! cover image

Celebrate the Holodays with Apex’s new Festive Frenzy sale!

The Holodays have returned to the Outlands, and with it comes Apex Legends’ Festive Frenzy sale. Come find out what the sale has to offer!

#Tis the season, and not only are the Legends themselves of Apex are celebrating, but the Outlands as a whole are indulging in the festivities, and with this comes the Festive Frenzy store event. The store event brings new bundles for legends to celebrate the holiday season. While also bringing back fan favorite Holoday classic skins of old.

Apex Legends' Festive Frenzy Sale

Debuting alongside Apex's newest event, the Uprising Event, the Festive Frenzy sale is taking over the shop. The sale has a combinaiton of new festive bundles as well as returning favorites. There are new Christmas themed skins for Wraith, Bloodhound, Ash, Seer and Valkyrie. On top of that, there's the returning Holoday Classic skins such as Octane's Dasher bundle or Caustic's Claustic bundle. The cherry on top, or in this case, the extra present under the tree are new emotes for Vantage, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Octane and Fuse that are all gift giving themed.

So suffice to say, there are a lot of new and returning skins coming to the Outlands in the Festive Frenzy sale. In terms of price, the skins and bundles all follow the typical EA prices. Bloodhound's Whistling Winter bundle includes two Apex packs, a Rampage skin and the Legend skin that retails for 2500 Apex coins. Similarily, Wraith's Festive Presence bundle includes the same Apex packs and a Volt skin and retails for the same price. On the other hand, Gibraltar's Pandamonium skin bundle doesn't come with a weapon skin and is 700 Apex coins less.

Apex's Festive Frenzy Sale (Via <a href="https://twitter.com/HYPERMYSTx/status/1732105589247860785/photo/1">Twitter</a>)
Apex's Festive Frenzy Sale (Via Twitter)

Additionally, the Epic rarity Gingerbread Valkyrie skin is retailing for 1000 Apex coins. The bundle comes with the skin, two Apex packs and a banner frame. Also retailing for the same price are the new emotes for the various legends. The emote bundles for the Festive Frenzy event come with two Apex packs. So, there's a decent mixture of different price ranges for any holiday spending.

To purchase the bundles for the Festive Frenzy event, head to the Apex store tab. Then as long as you have the necessary funds, you can purchase any bundle by clicking on it and confirming the purchase.

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